Wireless Car Charger

AUD $80.00

Wireless power, on the go

Available now through Telstra's online store

Always arrive ready

Charge your device while navigating, streaming music, or handling calls with up to 10W of Qi wireless charging capability.

Explore every option

This wireless charger is designed for both portrait and landscape viewing and includes an adjustable vent or windscreen mount for a complete hands-free experience.

Keep your cool

Get peace of mind with Sprout's heat-control technology built in.

  • Qi compatible wireless charging
  • 10W fast wireless charging
  • Includes an adjustable vent, dash or windscreen mount
  • 24-month warranty
  • Input: DC 5V 2A, 9V 1.8A
  • Wireless output: 5W / 10W
  • Dimensions: 95 x 123 x 20mm
  • Net weight: 136g

The Sprout Wireless Car Charger features arms and a foot base to support the phone whilst charging. To ensure optimum charging, the case or phone should not exceed the following dimensions:

  • Maximum width of phone or case = 91mm
  • Maximum height of phone or case = 168mm (164mm for iPhone)
  • Maximum thickness of case = 5mm (3mm for iPhone)

The phone must also be compatible with Qi charging.  The foot base can be extended or retracted at the bottom for optimal charging coil alignment.

This product is compatible with Sprout cases, with the exception of the Samsung 22 Ultra, Samsung 23 Ultra, Samsung 24 Ultra, Samsung 24+ Gladiator cases, as well as Apple iPhone 6.7” cases.

  • Wireless Car Charger
  • Vent, dash & windscreen attachments
  • USB-A to Micro-USB cable (black)
  • Product manual
For more information please download a copy of the product manual here: Manual (PDF format)
Wireless Car Charger
Wireless Car Charger
Wireless Car Charger
Wireless Car Charger