4 Great Ways to Protect Your iPad 25/06/2013
Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap your iPad for the best protection possible.
4 Great Ways to Protect Your iPad

There are misfortunes and then there are tragedies. Having your work destroyed by a hungry dog is unfortunate, but dropping your tablet onto bitumen is an absolute catastrophe. Keeping your brand spanking new tablet device in good condition can be a tall order especially for clumsy people. However, there are ways you can minimise the danger for your iPad and save yourself the heartache.

When considering protection for your iPad adopting the sun Smart message could give you some helpful reminders; Slip, Slop Slap and Wrap.


Firstly slip your iPad into something a little more comfortable like a backpack or bag that could add much-needed protection for the transport of your precious cargo. Give your iPad protection a boost with the added security of a secure bag.


To decrease wear and keep your iPad looking all shiny and bright do a little cleaning. Slop on some of Sprout’s cleaning products to really give your screen a sparkling new look. We have a great selection to suit your needs.


As well as keeping your screen clean, a screen protector can offer an amazing amount of protection. Because you can’t close the lid of an iPad like you can with a laptop an iPad is much more likely to get scratched by your keys than your jumper (Thanks karma). Slap on a screen protector to give your iPad extra protection from marks.


Treat your iPad like a new born baby and wrap it up tightly in a secure case. Sprout has a selection of tablet cases that are funky and functional. Some also have a wrap-around design to add additional protection to the screen.

As you are human after all (right?) there will likely be a time when all the preparation in the world will still see you mourning the look of a dropped iPad. At this time it is advisable to ship your pride and joy off to a reputable repairer. Next Byte are market leaders in Apple selling, refurbishment and repairs so you can be sure they will get your iPad ship shape and sparkly new in no time.  And as always, Sprout honour a 12 month warranty on all our products.   Put your trust in the pros. 

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