Highlights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show 16/01/2015
The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 came and went, bringing with it some exciting new open source platforms and products.
Highlights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

As we welcomed 2015 earlier this month, we embarked on another year for the world’s rapidly evolving technology scene. 

To kick things off with a bang, early January saw the best and brightest in technology services come together for the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, America. From 6 - 9th January, the world renowned conference saw over 170,000 from across the world interacting with the next generation of technology. 

The Sprout team was lucky enough to be counted among the 45,000 International guests on the ground in Nevada, to ensure we know exactly what’s on the agenda for technology in 2015. Here we look at some of the dominant themes from the International CES, and what to expect in the year ahead. 


As we move into an increasingly connected digital world, it’s unsurprising that this was a major focus of the event. From smartphones to tablets, cables to earpieces, the floodgate has been opened not just to improve on existing technologies that increase our connectivity, but to create an array of brand new ones (did anyone say smart yoga mat?) to simplify our everyday needs. 


Keeping with the theme of connectivity, devices that not just help us to connect with other people and things but to ourselves were a big win. With wearables helping us to track everything from glucose levels to emotional states of mind, the huge growth of the industry signifies the increasing value of data and the role of technology in catering to this. Expect significant advances in not just the look and feel of wearable devices, but their capacity to monitor and relay information about aspects of our daily lives, too. 


Mobile phones, of course, were a major focus of the 2015 CES, with booming global markets driving demand for a growing range of products. At the high end, devices featuring mobile payment suggest a growing trend, particularly as this becomes more users friendly and secure. The growth of middle-income countries has also seen a big push toward increasing the availability of lower-end smartphones that meet the new standards of ‘basic features’. 


It’s clear from the remarkable array of products on display at the 2015 CES that innovation is high on the technology agenda. ‘Take nothing for granted’ was the mantra the Sprout team walked away with, and an expectation that this year will see a rethink of many of life’s daily technologies that we take for granted in favour of new and improved services. 

We’re on the case!

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend the 2015 CES yourself, rest assured that we’re committed to keeping up with technology trends this year. Our range of products reflects the very best and brightest in new technology accessory needs, and we’re always looking to be inspired by the evolving industry around us. Be sure to check out our extensive online catalogue of over 300 items or visit one of our many retail locations across Australia to see what we have available.

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