The History of Mobile Phones 15/05/2013
Find out where it all began - 40 years young our humble and much loved mobile phone.
The History of Mobile Phones The birth of Mobile Phones started, as many other notable advancements do, with rivalry. Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher and company executive made the first call on Motorola DynaTAC phone to his rival Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs in 1973. Martin stood on a street corner in New York to make the historical phone call.

Mobile Phone development pertains to the improvement of devices connecting wirelessly to a public switched telephone network. Preceding mobile phone technology was the transmission of speech via radio waves whose invention was demonstrated and wheeled-out during the Second World War. There were also hand-held radio transceivers available through the 1940s as were mobile telephones for automobiles. These early devices were not only unsightly in terms of their size and design but their consummation of network power meant limited simultaneous conversations were possible.

Mobile Phones in 1940s and 50s

During the 1940s and 50s cellular networks only allowed for limited coverage areas as there were only a few available channels in urban areas. Development of cellular technology, which enabled recycling of frequencies many times over in geographically condensed areas from low-powered transmitters, meant that widespread use of mobile phone technology was economically viable. Advancement in mobile phone size was initially led by USSR engineer Leonid Kupriyanovich who presented a number of experimental models in the late 50s before deciding to focus on the automobile phone.

Initially mobile phone services operated under the 0G services such as that with the MTS, and then it moved to first generation or 1G – an analogue cellular network. A second generation was also created (2G) and 3G broadband data services – which is what most current phones operate under today. The 4G network has been introduced and will continue to roll out across phone telcos, mobile phones and geographical locations.

Mobile Technology Today

The current mobile phone devices started with the initial concepts put forward by Motorola as their early focus was on developing wireless technology products that were small enough to be used by anyone, anywhere. Iconic phone designs such as the Nokia 3210, the Blackberry 6230 and the iPhone have all shaped the way we interact with cellular technology – for the full list of iconic mobile phones check out our article. 

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