The 10 Most Popular Sprout Mobile Accessories In 2013 28/02/2014
This is how people accessorised their mobile devices in 2013
The 10 Most Popular Sprout Mobile Accessories In 2013

Well it was a big year in the mobile world with awesome new mobile device launches calling for some awesome new mobile device accessories! 

New mobile devices in 2013

Apple started the ball rolling in 2013 with the release of its 128GB fourth generation iPad in February. In March, the Samsung Galaxy S4 arrived, followed by the S4 Mini in July. By the end of the year, we had the iPhone 5s and 5c, the iPad Air, the Galaxy Note 3, Telstra’s Dave and the 2nd generation iPad mini.

We needed some hot mobile accessories! 

When it comes to the hottest mobile accessories, aside from chargers and screen protectors, the ultimately vote of popularity has to be the best sellers. Here they are, our top 10 best sellers for the year.

Best seller #1: Genuine Leather Flip phone case

It seems the classic look never goes out of style so the Genuine Leather Flip for iPhone 5 series and Samsung Galaxy S4 tops our popularity list. Not only does this sophisticated phone case provide excellent protection for your handset, you can also ditch your wallet because this flip case has room to keep your cards and cash organised as well. 

Best seller #2: The Vault V2 heavy duty phone case

When it comes to seriously hard-core protection for your smartphone, the Vault V2 phone case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the toughest phone cases you’ll find. With its hard plastic interior and rubber-silicon outer shell, it’s perfect for anyone who puts their phone through too much trauma. There must be a few of those people out there!

Best seller #3: Sprout Nomad Bluetooth Speaker

This is the coolest speaker to unleash your tunes anywhere, anytime! The Sprout Nomad Bluetooth V3.0 speaker is great for both outdoors and indoors because its splash proof and the silicon protective shell makes it shockproof as well. Plus, it looks great too with a choice of either silver or gold industrial metal face plates. For amazing audio with NFC compatibility, Aussies are opting for the Nomad Bluetooth Speaker.

Best seller #4: The Tuff Case

The Tuff Case for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4, Telstra Dave and HTC One is still a favourite stand-by for practical, good looking smartphone protection. 

Best seller #5: Power Bank 6000mAh

Apparently battery life has improved with the newest smartphones. Really?

Maybe we’re just using our smartphones more but who doesn’t have a flagging battery by the end of the day? No wonder the new Sprout Power Banks are walking out the door. These rechargeable portable batteries can charge 2 devices at once to keep you connected all day long. (We think these will be among the most popular mobile accessories for a while to come!

Best seller #6: CoverMate Morph for iPad

People who picked up a beautiful new iPad Air in 2013 and want to use it for all kinds of things are loving the Sprout CoverMate Morph for iPad. This clever iPad cover is finished in flexible polyurethane to give great grip for reading and the innovative fold enhances usability; morphing into a stable stand for watching movies and converting to a keyboard stand for typing.  

Best seller #7: Sprout Cortex Speaker

This little baby (just over 8cm high) has some serious style and substance. The brushed alloy portable Sprout Cortex Speaker can deliver 3 hours of playback from any bluetooth enabled device within a 15 metre range (the device that is, you’ll hear it from a lot further away than that!), or up to 6 hours of playback with a line-in connection. 

Best seller #8: The Universal Cradle

The Universal Cradle is the in-car essential for anyone who wants to be able to get the most out of their smartphone while driving. With an adjustable cradle that can hold most smartphones and a flexible gooseneck that allows you to view your phone in either portrait or landscape, you can have your maps in clear view, talk hands-free and use the other functions on your phone without taking your eye off the road.

Best seller #9: Rapid Car Charger

Recharge on the road with the Sprout Rapid Charge 3.1A. The Rapid Charge has 2 USB power ports – one 2.1 amp for your tablet and one 1.0 amp for your smartphone – so you can get where you’re going with both devices charged and ready to go.

Best seller #10: Executive Shell for iPad & iPad mini

Whether it’s the Executive Shell for iPad Air or the Executive Shell for iPad mini, the bright, stylish and ultimately practical Executive Shell was a popular with peeps who want to enhance usability. The built in stand and specialty hinge give you multiple viewing angles, the tough polycarbonate keeps your iPad protected and the flexible vegan leather and microfiber finish looks great in any of the four colours.

So there you have it, the most popular mobile accessories by Sprout for 2013! 

We’ll be excitedly working on great new accessories to protect and enhance your favourite smartphones and tablets and all the new mobile devices like giant tablets and iPhones with curved screens rumoured to arrive in 2014.

As always, Sprout has you covered for iPhone cases, Android phone cases and iPad cases designed to give you the ultimate in protection, usability and style. Plus, to help you get more out of your mobile device, there’s our portable bluetooth speakers, all kinds of mobile device chargers and everyday mobile peripherals.


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