Sprout iPhone docking station now less than 1/2 price 24/01/2014
Amazing looks, amazing sound, AMAZING PRICE! The Sprout iPhone docking station is now just $69.99!
Sprout iPhone docking station now less than 1/2 price

Looking for a brilliant docking station for your iPhone or iPod? Something that looks awesome, sounds amazing, works as an alarm, charges your device and offers loads of thoughtful features? Let us introduce you to the Sprout Docking station for iPhone and iPhone.

Superb Sound

The sleek brushed aluminium Sprout iPhone docking station is super popular because it looks great but it sounds amazing too. 

That’s because it has high power 20W amplifier output, twin super high bass suspension-cone type speaker drivers and a built-in subwoofer for extra low dynamic range. That means your music sounds just how it should at practically any volume.

Sprout customer, Stuart, who purchased one in April 2013 says;

      “The sound quality is great and [it] produces some beautiful bass”, 

While Charmaine, another customer who also purchased one last year says,

      “When I first took this unit out of the box I was impressed by the large speakers and the nice brushed steel front.” 

They both have a lot more to say about the Sprout docking station - read the full customer reviews.

Stunning Design to Complement iPhone & iPod

Let’s face it, anyone with an iPhone or an iPod appreciates a bit of design and quality product engineering, so you’re not going to want to put your beautiful handset in an ugly docking station are you?!

The Sprout iPhone docking station is designed to perfectly compliment the iPhone and iPod. With wide screen backlit multifunction LCD display and blue LED ambient lighting for control panel buttons, this docking station ‘makes the iPod/iPhone look beautiful’, Stuart’s review explains.

And almost everyone is impressed by the metal cased remote control – another little touch that makes this docking station iPhone worthy.

Impressive Feature List

If you’re looking for the best value for money iPhone docking station, you really cannot go past this baby! 

With this long list of features, it’s no wonder our Instragram Fan of the Month winner chose the Sprout iPhone docking station as his prize when he was awarded our Instagram Fan of the Month! 

  • Digital Clock with Alarm Timer - Wake to iPhone/iPod/Radio

  • Metal Cased Remote control

  • 20W Amplifier Output with Twin Super High Bass Suspension-Cone Type Speaker Drivers and Built-In Subwoofer for Extra Low Dynamic Range

  • PLL FM Stereo Radio Tuner with Station Memory Presets

  • Wide Screen Blue Backlit Multifunction LCD Display and Blue LED Ambient Lighting for Control Panel Buttons

  • Plays and Charges most iPods, iPod Touch and iPhone

  • USB (1.1+2.0) Memory (Pen-Drive) Reader for MP3-Playback

  • SD-Card Slot for MP3-Playback

  • PLL FM Stereo Radio Tuner, with Station Memory Presents

  • Video Out for iPhone/iPod (Pass-Through) RCA Composite Jack

  • AUX-In (Audio Line Input) for External MP3 Player Connection

And the best feature of all? You can get your hands on a sprout iPhone docking station at a fraction of the cost!

For a limited time (while stocks last) you can pick up the Sprout iPhone docking station for just $69.99 (saving $110) and have it shipped for free! Grab one now.

Sprout provides a wide range of phone accessories including phone cases for Apple and Android, chargers, headphones and speakers and more.

The Sprout iPhone docking station is part of the Sprout Clearance. Take a look at all clearance stock

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