7 best Father's Day gifts for Dad 03/09/2014
The seven best father’s day gift ideas for your tech-loving dad.
7 best Father's Day gifts for Dad

Check your calendars, folks – this Sunday (September 7) is Father’s Day! Thankfully you still have time to grab an affordable gadget for the big guy and still look like the thoughtful, caring offspring you are. After all, it’s the least you can do for all the trouble he’s gotten you out of over the years.

We’ve done our research and found seven of the best father’s day gifts your tech-loving father could dream of, and they’re ready to check out today.

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The Vault V2

1. For tradie dads on the job around the country the iPhone 5s The Vault V2 phone case literally can’t be beat. Consisting of a hard plastic interior surrounded by a robber / silicon compound casing it’s tough, dependable and looks the part – just like your old man. And yes dad, it also sports a belt clip. What is it with dads and belt clips?

Super Thin Flip

2. HTC One-owning paternals who crave a sleek and minimalist phone case will be delighted to receive the Super Thin Flip HTC One case on Father’s Day. Its super-slim design perfectly complements the HTC One’s thin body, and the leather finish makes it easy to grip during long calls. Check it out and you’ll see why it’s one of the most popular phone cases for dads.

Executive Slim

3. The iPad Air is a seriously cool slab of state of the art tech and the iPad Air Executive Slim cover is the perfect business partner. Its leather suede finish makes his iPad look commanding in the board room, and the built-in hand strap makes the iPad Air easy to carry and use in any situation.

Sprout Cortex Bluetooth Speaker

4. For the super cool dad that loves his music, the Sprout Cortex Bluetooth Speaker hits all the right notes. Not only does its deliver powerful sound direct from MicroSD card, any Bluetooth-enabled device (yes that also means your phone) or line-in, but one look is all you need to know that it just looks amazing. A long-lasting rechargeable battery inside means your dad can have great sound wherever he goes, all while looking like the coolest cat in town.

Powerbank Rapid

5. If your dad is already carrying a range of devices and spends half his day nervously looking around for a spare wall socket to recharge his phone, you’ll make his life easier by getting him a Powerbank Rapid. This super-slick gadget can power two devices at once and keeps your phone, GPS or tablet going long after the competition has faded away.

Genuine Leather Flip

6. Want to get your father something as sophisticated and popular as he says he is? Take a look at our most popular case to date, the Genuine Leather Flip for iPhone 5s. It’s superbly designed premium leather housing flips open with a flick of the wrist and closes securely with a 2-magnet system that keeps dad from pocket dialling anyone ever again. The slots for his credit cards and ID make this a potential replacement for that aging “World’s Greatest Dad” wallet of his, too.

 Sprout Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5S/5C

7. Finally no exercise-loving dad can be seen running around the park without the handy Sprout Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5S/5C. Simply slip your new phone into the secure, protective casing that wraps around his arm so lightly he won’t even notice it’s there. With access to the headphone jacket provided dad can be sent on his merry way for a jog while listening to his questionable tastes in music, and the clear plastic window over the touch screen means he won’t miss any important calls during a workout.

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