Watch out: the Apple iWatch is coming! 08/09/2014
Here is a wrap up of the wearable iWatch rumours, when is the iWatch going to be released, and how much will it cost?
Watch out: the Apple iWatch is coming!

We're all waiting with baited breath to check out the iPhone 6, rumoured to be due for launch in just a few days, but did you know that there's a chance we'll also be seeing the very first iWatch? That's right, Apple might well be coming out with its latest 'must-have' device.

Apple has been pretty tight-lipped, in terms of telling us exactly what to expect, but guesses are running rampant. We're fairly sure that the iWatch will be a super-sleek, cool-looking piece of wearable technology, which you wrap around your wrist just as you would a regular, run-of-the-mill watch.The difference is, of course, that, not only will the iWatch tell the time, it will be able to do all kinds of other wonderful things. For a start, we're anticipating that it'll sync with your iPhone or iPad (Apple's got a talent for keeping various devices in conversation, after all!), but will be able to function completely independently of it. 

We also think there will have a big emphasis on health and fitness. Rumours abound that the iWatch will be able to measure your pulse and a range of aspects of physical performance. So, basically, it'll be the perfect device to wear when you go running or hit the gym. If these suppositions are correct, the smartwatch will help you to work out much more effectively and consistently, translating to better results in the long run!

Industry experts are also guessing that the Apple iWatch will be available in two different designs: one for men and one for women, each boasting different screen sizes. Chances are the men's will be larger, with a screen size of approximately 1.5 inches and the women's will be smaller, with a screen measuring 1.3 inches. Some people are also suggesting that the display will be of the flexible AMOLED variety and will be protected by a specially-designed cover made of sapphire glass.

It's also possible that, like iPhones, the new Apple smartwatch will come in a range of colours, so that you'll be able to choose the device that best suits your look and style. 

At least we can be fairly confident that before long we'll know the specifications and options in great deal. And, at the same time, we'll get to marvel over the fabulous new iPhone 6, which is promising a bigger screen and more megapixels, among many other additions. 

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