9 new iPhone tricks that'll change your life 02/01/2015
Got a new iPhone? Here are some tricks that’ll change your iPhone life.
9 new iPhone tricks that'll change your life

 Think you already know everything there is to know about your iPhone? Here are 9 iPhone hacks you might not have heard of yet - they just might change your life.

1. Tired of typing in your credit card details, over and over again? Simply touch the 'scan credit card' option and your phone will do all the work for you. 

2. Does it feel like your phone takes forever to charge? Here's a quick way around that. Use an iPad charger instead - you'll be amazed at how quickly it works.

3. Is your battery running out faster than it should? Hit general, then usage, then battery power, to find out which apps are drawing the most energy. 

4. Apple apps on your screen that you don't want to see? Touch settings, then general, then restrictions. A list will appear, allowing you to make apps visible and invisible. Toggle off the ones that you want to hide. 

5. Accidentally deleted a photo that you desperately want to retrieve? Pop into the 'recently deleted' folder and you'll be able to recover it immediately.

6. Looking for a quicker way to add a photo to a text? Tap the camera icon and your photo library will appear. Scroll through and choose the one you want.

7. Is your display so small it hurts your eyes? Tap settings, then display and brightness, then zoom and give your eyes a rest.

8. Do you want more time between framing a photo and taking it? Use your camera timer by tapping the timer icon. Choose between 3 seconds and 10.

9. Wanna make slo-mo videos? In your camera app, slide to slo-mo and toggle between 120 or 240 FPS. Edit your work by using the slides. 

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