We Heart Our Instagram Fans 09/10/2013
At Sprout we definitely appreciate the loyalty and support of our fans. So much so that we can't stop giving them prizes!
We Heart Our Instagram Fans

Last month at Sprout, we decided to give back to our loyal Instagram fans. Having held giveaways and run Facebook competitions previously, we decided to do an Instagram Fan of the Month competition in September.

Due to his social diligence and all round awesome support to our Instagram account we decided on a fantastic brand ambassador from Adelaide as our winner!  This unsuspecting Fan of the Month was picked by Sprout for this prize for being, well, just the cool fan he is. He was so considerate he even decided to use his prize of choice – Sprout’s fantastic iPhone Docking Station, as a gift for his sister’s birthday!

Never fear Sproutlings, we are always on the lookout for devoted fans to give prizes to. To show your support, why not take action by checking out some of our Social channels. If you’re one for visuals you’ll take heed with our Pinterest and Instagram channels. Maybe video is how you like to discover new Sprout information, then why not check out our YouTube page. We are also chirping away on Twitter, Facebooking like crazy, getting plus-ed out on Google+ and being all corporate-y like on LinkedIn.

There may be a prize around the corner for you on Instagram or more commonly via one of our regular Facebook Giveaways, because after all, at Sprout we Heart our Fans!

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