Is Apple's New iPhone 5c Case Chat or Phat? 22/09/2013
Apples iPhone 5c cases are causing a stir with some good and other bad responses to the holey case.
Is Apple's New iPhone 5c Case Chat or Phat?

Apple’s New iPhone 5c holey cases are certainly in the headlines and not always for positive reasons. They are the new creations by the technology giant to complement the vibrant new colours of their iPhone 5c model smart phone. The new iPhone has just been released and comes in five bright shades: pink, yellow, blue, green and white. Apple’s plan is for people to match their personality and style with the colour of their choice.

The iPhone 5c Cases

The phone cases have been designed in the same colours as the phone for people to dress up their iPhone 5c to contrast the colours and create your own style sensibility. From a merchandising perspective the concept is bananas as it will fo sho’ drive up sales of their accessories. In all there are 40 dope combinations to be made from the iPhone 5c colours and its matching cases.

iPhone 5c Case is chat

Those who have been quick to diss’ the iPhone 5c cases have pointed out their flimsy nature and poor quality compared with Apple’s normal high-quality designs. Likened to swiss cheese this case seems to have proved quite a dud for some people looking forward to Apple’s big reveal.

iPhone 5c Case is phat

On the flipside some observers and potential consumers have seen the light side of the colour creations by likening them to a number of pop-culture icons. Here are the top ten things people think the new iPhone 5c and its cases look like:
  • Daleks
  • Crocs
  • Candy Buttons
  • Cheese Graters
  • Children’s Calculator
  • Baby Toy
  • Connect Four
  • Nokia
  • Power Rangers
Clearly these consumers are looking forward to having fun with their phones and recreating some fond childhood memories. 
It is true that the new colourful iPhone 5c has some resemblance to childish, old-school crack but it isn’t anything people need to trip about. If people want their new iPhones all iced up that’s their business. Sprout just wants people to have fun with their mobiles and tablets. That is why we offer the newest and hottest innovative products for your favourite Apple, Samsung and HTC devices. 
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