The Vault V2 Puts an End to Damaged Smartphones 17/02/2014
Do you put your phone through all kinds of torture? Heres how to make sure it never gets damaged
The Vault V2 Puts an End to Damaged Smartphones

 Nearly everyone has discovered first-hand how easy it is to scratch or crack a smartphone and plenty of us know what it’s like to peer through a cracked screen until you get it repaired. Actually, it’s not that hard to damage a smartphone which is why phone cases and screen protectors can be the best insurance for your beloved mobile device.

But, if your phone really gets put through the ringer and you don’t fancy forking out for phone repairs all the time, we have some very good news for you!

Introducing the toughest Sprout phone case yet

The Sprout Vault V2 phone case is tougher than the torture you put your poor smartphone through. With a thick, impact resistant silicon-rubber outer and a tough plastic interior that protects all sides of your phone, the Vault V2 phone case lets you take your smartphone into the roughest of conditions!

And that’s excellent news for tradies, personal trainers, gardeners (and serial phone droppers) - the Vault V2 will be your best friend on the job or at play! 

As well as the tough casing, the handy belt clip means you can have your phone handy all the time without risking a fatal drop or just another smashed screen.

The anatomy of the Vault V2:

  • Hard plastic interior
  • Silicon/Rubber compound outer
  • Belt Clip included
  • Complete protection
  • Access to all controls

Heavy duty protection for the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4

The Vault V2 for the iPhone 5s and 5c has been designed to maintain the phone’s slim styling as much as possible without adding too much bulk or making it hard to use the controls properly. It’s the ultimate in protection and practicality. 

The Vault V2 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is equally purpose-built to suit the S4, giving you maximum functionality and fortification.

Saving the world one smartphone at a time!

If your iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4 is exposed to extreme risk on a regular basis, now you can protect it with a heavy duty phone case that’s tough enough to go anywhere you do.

That’s why the heavy duty Vault V2 phone case was up there among the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Tiger case and the Genuine Leather Flip as one of our most popular phone case last month.

Grab yourself a Vault V2 heavy duty phone case today and make cracked screens, split shells, scratched backing plates and expensive phone screen replacement a thing of the past.

Sprout phone cases are designed and manufactured to perfectly suit the iPhone range and androids including Samsung and HTC. There are Sprout phone cases for practicality and protection as well as Sprout phone cases for fashion and fun. Sprout also creates iPad cases and all kinds of mobile accessories to keep you charged up, entertained and connected.


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