Dating Sites Reveal What Your Smartphone Says About You 31/01/2014
iPhone or Android? What does your smartphone say about you?
Dating Sites Reveal What Your Smartphone Says About You

Research by US dating sites and looked into the way use our phones and tablets when it comes to dating which led us to post our recent article 15 Interesting Ways Mobile Devices Affect the Way We Date, but there’s more!

Not only did the researchers look at the way singles use mobile devices in the process of dating, they also took note of the types of devices people used and noted some pretty interesting distinctions. So much so, we have to ask…  What does your smartphone say about you?

What Can You Tell about Someone with An iPhone?

  • They’re more likely than Android owners to own and use a tablet

  • They stay in touch with their family more often

  • They use social apps more

  • They use their phone to access dating sites more

  • They use their phones more and experience FOMO (fear of missing out) more 

What Can You Tell About Someone With An Android?

  • They have less FOMO and many say they never worry about missing something

  • They’re more likely to communicate before a date

  • They are more likely to communicate within minutes of a good date

  • They’re much more comfortable with letting their date look through their phone (48.6% are cool with this versus only 37% of iPhone users)

  • They’re more likely to break off with a casual date IRL (in real life) than an iPhone user

What Do You Think – Does This Sound Like You?

Whatever else your smartphone might say about you, it’s easy to make your phone and tablet send the right message with phone cases from Sprout to fit your personality! 
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