How to choose cables and adapters for your smartphone 14/07/2014
Use this easy guide to help you understand the different cables and adapters options available and make the most of your smartphone.
How to choose cables and adapters for your smartphone

So many of us own smartphones, and we’re sure you'll understand us when we say that sometimes we can get a little overwhelmed with all of the cool tricks that our phones can do. But we shouldn’t run scared from our smartphones; we should face them straight on and make the most of all of their unique features. If discussions about cables and adapters get your head all in a spin then use this easy guide to help you understand the different options available and make the most of your smartphone’s potential. 

Sprout stocks a whole range of different cables and adapters that are just waiting be plugged into your phone so they can start doing some really cool stuff. The key question that we should ask ourselves is what are the different kinds of cables and adapters and what do they do? Once we understand what we can use them for then we all become powerful technical wizards. 

1. The USB Cable 

USB cables are like the bread and water of the cable world. They are essential if we want our phones to survive. USB cables are used to charge our phones or connect them phone to computer so that we can transfer information. These usually come as standard with a smartphone but if you lose yours or it needs replacing Sprout can help you out. 

2. Micro HDMI to DVI-D Adapter 

We can use the HDMI to DVI-D adapter to connect our mobile devices with a television so that we can view the pictures and videos that are stored on the smartphone on the big screen. If this is new to you then feel free to contact Spout and we can help get you started. 

3. MHL to HDMI Adapter 

This adapter means that we can connect newer smartphone models together and share information. 

4. HDMI to HDMI Cable

The HDMI to HDMI cables are pretty much our most popular cables, mainly because they connect your laptop to the TV.   Sometimes we find that not all HDMI ports are exactly the same and that is when this cable comes into play. Now we can easily connect our HDMI devices to other devices that have a different size port. Simply choose the size you need and connect away for stunning picture and sound! 

5. VGA to HDMI adapter 

We all have some dinosaur age electronics sitting around the house but you don’t need to leave them to gather too much dust as this adapter can connect your smartphone to an older device so that you can transfer the data across. 

At Sprout we stock over 300 different items including a whole range of cables and adaptors that can used on different brands. Hopefully we have given you a better grasp of what all the cables do, but if you are still stuck then send us a message and we can help recommend a cable or adapter that will help you explore your mobile phone's full potential.

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