Top London Fashion Week Trends You Can Apply to Your Phone Case 24/05/2013
Take a leaf out of the London Fashion Week Trends book and apply it to a stylish new phone case for the Autumn/Winter seasons.
Top London Fashion Week Trends You Can Apply to Your Phone Case

The London Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter in 2013 dished up some inspiring trends for all the fashionistas waiting patiently for the seasonal change. It was no surprise that the big-guns of fashion really delivered fresh styles for the upcoming cooler months. Strong colour palettes, a reinvented coat and rising necklines brought us much food for thought for the A/W seasons. There is little doubt that these forecasts will find their way into closets across Australia; however, you must also take a leaf from their books for accessory trends in phone cases too.

Here are the top ten trends for A/W that you can apply to your new phone case:

1.     Think Pink

Dusty pink hues were a central colour story across numerous designer collections and included fabrics that were fuzzy, had sheen and sparkle to translate the muted and feminine colour. If you are down with pink check out our Essentials Case made from impact resistant polycarbonate in a snap on, easy application design. It comes in a matte pink colour which will be the perfect pink accessory this A/W.

2.     I See Red

Deep rosy tones were a favourite with vermilion and oxblood red being the most used colour choices. They were used in a muted way in heavy-weave fabrics as well as punctuated brights in silk and chiffon numbers. If you are a fan of the colour of love our Geo case is bang on trend. It is a hard PC shell featuring masonic blood toned artwork.

3.     Capes

It is a reinvented winter coat that hugs the body with style and grace conjuring up a retro feel and attitude. Our Side Flip case encloses your phone with a chic black leather finish. The case hugs the phone completely giving it premium protection and is reminiscent of the Cape’s old-school aesthetic.

4.     Dark Romance

A Goth-like attitude swept across many collections with the inclusion of layered, dark-colour pieces denoting strength and protection. The Glow Case features beautiful deep colours that have an ethereal and dark edge to them, capturing the dark romance trend perfectly.  

5.     Turtle Necks

They were presented as the perfect layering tool, to cover-up for comfort as well as protection. These shirts were classic, minimal and chic.  The Vault case is our toughest protection yet and mirrors the turtle-neck layering trend. This case has a simple and sturdy construction that has external soft silicon for comfort and hard plastic interior for protection.

6.     Leopard

Animal prints are never far away from the seasonal trends and this Autumn/Winter we can expect to see them leaping forth onto the streets and into our cupboards. Clashing prints is always a fun way to explore trends and our Zebra case will give you the perfect opportunity to experiment with this fashionista look.

7.     Medieval Sleeves

An intriguing and fashion-forward micro-trend that captures the romanticism and whimsy of the early 19th century. The Cubed case is a forward-thinking, uniquely designed phone case that features a premium shiny print finish to showcase the unique artwork – a perfect partner to any fashion-forward fashionista.

8.     PVC

A strikingly shiny addition to the generally muted look of the Autumn/Winter collections this trend really has some street-cred. It is about attitude and minimalism and letting the PVC piece speak for itself. A Glitter Case is a perfect party piece for your beloved smart phone. Recent trends have seen a focus on the ‘blingy’ and this case adheres to the shiny appeal of the PVC trend whilst giving you premium protection.

9.     Velvet

This is a heavy, cloak-like fabric that covers easily and offers sophistication and luxury. It was featured in jewel tone colours to heighten the luxe feeling. A Genuine Leather Flip case offers a premium product to the style-conscious. It has handcrafted leather offering quality in fabric and design. The case also covers your phone beautifully, cloaking it in elegance just as the velvet trend intended.

10. Split Skirts

New seasonal skirts enjoyed a running theme of split features ready and willing to showcase the beauty underneath. They gave a peek-a-boo appeal that could be hidden when needed and brought out when in use. The Side Flip Wallet Case is the perfect example of this present/vacant trend of the split skirt. A stylish and sultry leather finish that appeals to both men and women.

Whatever your style or reason for a new phone case, Sprout works hard to create a functional and fresh design that delivers protection and panache. Check out our range of phone cases for iPhone, HTC and Samsung.