Nokia Plans to Compete With a Phablet 07/08/2013
Rumours are rife that Nokia plans to release a phablet to rival the leading smart phones.
Nokia Plans to Compete With a Phablet

Nokia is planning to get on the phone as tablets bandwagon and create their version of what is known as the phablet. The company, according to reports, is developing a large screen phone to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and iPhone 5.

The Rumours

Nokia has been reportedly planning a phablet for some time, but there has been little word on specifications or release from the company. It is no surprise that Nokia has been planning such a release as its dwindling smart phone sales have left Nokia investors worried. The phone company has already attempted market infiltration with a low-cost smart phone. However, if Nokia really wants to compete with the big guns they are going to have to pull out all the stops.

The Phablet plan

An earlier release of a large screen smart phone by Nokia has been held up with OS limitations. Microsoft could be coming to their rescue with a GRD3 update but as yet no release date for it has been given. It is possible that the Nokia phablet could make an appearance by September 26. There is talk that Nokia will double-up announcements at the event and also release a tablet. The phablet is thought to be engaging the quad-core system used by Windows Phone 8 devices, which has been mocked by Nokia executives previously as a waste of time and battery life.

Looks like only time will tell if these rumours become truth. In the meantime if you are not eagerly awaiting a hypothetical phablet or tablet from Nokia and you are already in possession of a mobile or tablet then let Sprout help you spruce it up! Our selection of screen protectors and mobile accessories will perfect and protect your favourite devices.

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