Wildlife Warriors and Their Fight to Conserve the Sumatran Tiger 01/11/2013
The Sumatran tiger is suffering in the face of possible extinction learn about their stories and how Wildlife Warriors is helping them stick around.
Wildlife Warriors and Their Fight to Conserve the Sumatran Tiger

 Sumatran Tigers are a sub-species of Tiger which inhabit the small Indonesian island of Sumatra. They are beautiful creatures who are identified by their heavy black stripes on their bright orange coats. The tigers enjoy a habitat of tropical broadleaf evergreen forests as well as freshwater swap forests which Sumatra is perfect for.

The Plight of the Sumatran Tiger

Currently, the species is at serious threat of extinction with as few as 400 alive today. It is an extremely worrying situation. The Sumatran tiger is on the brink of being wiped out forever by selfish human choices and if it is it will join three other sub-species which have been lost forever due to extinction including the Balinese, Caspian and Javanese tigers.

It is believed that 100 years ago as many as 100,000 tigers existed across Asia, but this number is now closer to 5,000. The issues which threaten these magnificent creatures can only be addressed by their biggest enemies: humans. There are four major threats to the Sumatran tiger and which are directly responsible for their dwindling numbers.

Habitat Destruction

Illegal and prolific deforestation in Indonesia leaves Sumatran tigers with less and less area to inhabit. The tiger populations already exist in isolated pockets and the removal of their natural habitat compounds this issue.

Poaching and Prey Depletion

The black market for illegal animal goods has been the downfall for many animal species over time. The Sumatran tiger is no different as it suffers the same fate. There is a huge trade in tiger bones and body parts to fuel traditional Asian medicines and tourist souvenirs.

Human and Animal Conflict

Due to deforestation and poaching the area for tigers to inhabit is quite small and they tend to cross into Human territory. This leaves them vulnerable to attack and killings by people for simply following their natural instinct to hunt pets or livestock for food.

Lack of Political Power

An apathetic Government who does not ruthlessly enact anti-poaching laws will lose their fight against opportunistic poachers. If a Government gives up on the laws the animals lose.

Wildlife Warriors Fight For the Sumatran Tiger

As part of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors’ initiatives a Sumatran tiger conservation was set up at Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia. The team on the ground work tirelessly to deliver tiger conservation programs in three key areas of tiger habitat across Asia. They work in conjunction with the Fauna and Flora International (FFI) to cover over 1.5million hectares of land thought to be home to 150 Sumatran tigers.

The Wildlife Warriors At Work

  • Create educational material on the tigers
  • Survey key species
  • Train the local personnel
  • Protect local people’s livelihoods
  • Educate hundreds of villages every year
  • Protect thousands of species in their approach for optimal biodiversity

The Wildlife Warriors perform invaluable work fighting to protect Indonesia’s Sumatran tiger. They deserve support to continue their vital initiatives. Only days ago Australia Zoo announced the birth of two Sumatran tigers. The cubs are the first to be born in their 43 year history and are important steps in the conservation of these beautiful animals. Watch the adorable Australia Zoo Sumatran tiger cubs.

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