A Bold New iPhone that is Gold 03/09/2013
If you like it then you should have put some bling on it Apple may soon release a gold iPhone which would make many people very happy
A Bold New iPhone that is Gold

Many people are patiently waiting for Apple to release their very new iPhone, however with all the rumours it can be hard to determine what the truth is and what is hokum.

A Back Story to iPhone Colours

Back in 2010 when Apple was bringing out its second round of smart phones, the iPhone 4, it was rumoured that the phone was going to be available in black and white. The hypothetical and hotly anticipated new albino colour caused quite a stir as tech bloggers postulated on its arrival for months before its reveal. When it did finally arrive in 2011 customers fumbled over it more quickly than free food tastings in a supermarket. It was an instant hit.

The Gold iPhone

Even though the rumours circulating about a potential gold or champagne coloured iPhone 5 have not been confirmed or more interestingly denied it is still an incredibly popular hypothesis at this stage. If Social Media is anything to go by people are as excited about this luxury new iPhone as those who were eagerly awaiting the birth of the new royal baby. On Twitter people are posting about their desire for the potential gold iPhone as tech bloggers firm up their opinion that it will sell out in seconds.

Don’t judge        

We are all aware of the old adage which asks us not to judge a book by its cover. Sure, a gold or champagne coloured iPhone will be a big hit amongst the Asian markets especially and those channelling Gold Finger but what about the technical power which lay beneath its luxurious exterior? After all it’s what’s on the inside that counts, isn’t it?

The iPhone 5S has been rumoured to be including code which would support a fingerprint scanner. An added security measure welcomed by tech heads and iPhone enthusiasts. Despite this rumour there is little else to go on for the proposed features of the new iPhone 5S. We have been kept in the dark up till now whether the phone will have a bigger memory, faster processor or two LED flashes and Sprout guesses we will just have to patient a little longer until Apple does their big reveal on September 10.

The Gold iPhone and you

Smart phones have become a fashion statement with people placing as much value on them as they do their choice in cars and clothes. What does a gold iPhone say about you if you decide to get one? That you love luxury? You dig bling? Fun? Rich? We aren’t certain but one thing is sure that if you do manage to get your hands on one early it will prove that you are either feisty, dedicated to day long sleep-outs or you have the best tech connections possible.

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