10 Facts About the iPhone 08/11/2013
See how the iPhone went from inception to success, we have found ten facts that prove it is a smartphone and technology device worth taking note of.
10 Facts About the iPhone

The iPhone is linked to the term smartphone as much as LCD is connected to television. Even if you own one or not, you cannot ignore how much the iPhone has changed the face of mobile phones especially with the recent iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C additions. It continues to be a trusty sidekick of designers and beloved companion for 34% of U.S teenagers, according to recent research done by Piper Jaffray.

Sprout has found some facts about the iPhone which will shed some light on the design, the history and the success Apple has enjoyed since it was first released in 2007.

Here are 10 facts about the iPhone:

  1. Apple currently has 1,298 mobile patents for its iPhone design giving people an interesting insight into the future for their smartphone technology including wearable versions, augmented reality and built-in projectors.
  2. In promotional material the iPhone always sports the time 9:41 based on the time that Steve Jobs announced the first generation iPhone in 2007 at their Apple event.
  3. As of September 2013, Apple had sold 387,446,000 iPhones.
  4. Originally the iPhone was called Purple before being changed to iPhone which fuelled a trademark lawsuit with Cisco Systems who had a VoIP device called iPhone that allowed people to use Skype without a computer. The two companies settled the dispute and both retained the name rights.
  5. The Apple Maps icon depicts the current Apple headquarters location at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California.
  6. The term ‘iPhoneography’ has become an accepted phrase for a photography technique.
  7. Bono is in your iPhone. You can find him in the Music section > Artists as it is his profile which shows up on the icon.
  8. The Safari reading list icon of round glasses is a nod to Steve Jobs iconic glasses style.
  9. In 2013 the iPhone 5 surpassed the ability of desktops from ten years ago with superior processing speeds, increased storage space and bigger memory.
  10. Since being released six years ago the iPhone has made its way to over 100 countries.

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