Is Apple Too Late With Their In-Car Entertainment Plans? 19/08/2013
Did Apple snooze and therefore lose out on integrating their iOS7 and Siri platforms into cars?
Is Apple Too Late With Their In-Car Entertainment Plans?

Apple is an undeniable force in the smart phone, tablet, app development and sales, downloadable music and computer markets, but have they missed the boat with in-car entertainment?

Apple’s Plans

Recently Apple announced that it had plans to integrate its iOS7 and Siri platforms into high-end vehicles as optional extras for Apple enthusiast car buyers. Apple wants to make luxury vehicles the next key market for its future sales. Brand giants Google and Microsoft have long ago put their hands up to integrate their services into vehicle amenities. Some critics believe Apple is just too late.

Market Opinion

An analyst firm considers Apple’s plans reactionary; jumping on the merry-go-round just because the big kids are too. The firm also thinks that Apple’s plans are wishy-washy and do not properly define how they will influence or change any of the standard features already available in cars. Apple looked like it felt left out of the automotive OS game and just wanted a place on the Basketball team despite being four foot and clumsy.

In-Car Entertainment and Apple

Jayaraman from the analyst firm thought it might be a great opportunity for Apple to partner with premium model vehicles and integrate their iOS into an overall infotainment framework. He also said though that even if Apple came into the market with bells and whistles they still had to solve the problem of making it compatible with older cars. What if a 2005 Toyota Corolla owner wanted the service as much as the buyer of the new Mercedes Benz C-Class? If Apple hasn’t worked out if and how everyone can have equal access then Jayaraman feels they may as well forget about it.

Where to?

If Apple does manage to find a way to give the classic car owners access to their in-car entertainment plans then they will manage to tap into a larger volume of cars, create a deeper impact and of course even higher revenue.

Your Opinion

What’s your opinion? Did Apple wait too long to try and get their fingers in the in-car entertainment pie? Let us know what you think on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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