British scientists unveil the world's first mobile phone powered by urine 23/06/2014
When will the world invent a mobile phone that can be powered by urine? Well the wait is finally over.
British scientists unveil the world's first mobile phone powered by urine

Of course, we have all spent many hours pondering, “When will the world invent a mobile phone that can be powered by urine?” Well the wait is finally over. We know you were busting for it! (See what we did there?) British scientists from Bristol have discovered a way to use urine to generate electricity, and they have successfully used this energy to charge mobile phones. Clearly these guys have a lot of time on their hands?

Yep so now instead of just dropping your phone into the toilet, you can use that blunder to your benefit! Low on juice? Just take a wee? Um, maybe not!

Using a Samsung device, the scientists claim that for the first time ever they have been able to charge a mobile phone battery using this unique and rather bizarre method. It could be that in the future Sprout Australia could be stocked with funky accessories for your urine powered mobile phones. (Naturally it’s BYO your own urine.)

So, how does it work? The scientists used microbial fuel cells as energy converters. These cells are able to turn organic matter into electricity using the metabolism of live microorganisms. These microorganisms are able to generate energy as part of their natural life cycle. 

As with all living things, these organisms need to eat to continue their life cycle, and urine is a great food source for them. The more urine that the microorganisms consume, the more energy they will be able to generate for a longer period of time. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? And gross!

Whilst this may sound like a brilliant way to utilise our waste, we shouldn’t be reaching for our electronics just yet. The scientists were only able to generate a small amount of energy using the microbial fuel cells and urine. (Thank God?!)  This energy is difficult to store and is only enough for a very short charge. (Perhaps drink more water Scientists!) Whilst the scientists have big dreams of being able to power TVs and laptops using this method, it would be safe to assume that even though urine is something we all produce every day; we would have to drink rather a lot of liquid to achieve these ambitious results. Or just go somewhere really inconvenient and nowhere near are a toilet and we are sure you could make your own quite easily. That’s usually when we are busting!

Sprout, on the other hand, currently sells accessories and phone cases online for the non-urine powered mobile phone. So retro! Sprout Australia sells on-trend, funky and cool accessories for Apple, Samsung and HTC devices, as well as a range of other well-known brands. 

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