What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6 13/02/2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, news and rumours. Let's take a look at some rumours that are flying around in anticipation of their launch.
What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6

As another year rolls around, so too does a host of new technology designed to make life a little simpler. Some of the most anticipated product releases are the latest in smartphone technologies, with each competitor determined to stay one step ahead of the pack.

After the successful launch of the Samsung S5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge last year, consumers can expect to see the new and improved versions of these products hit the shelves in 2015. Here we take a look at some Samsung S6 and Samsung Edge rumours that are flying around in anticipation of their launch. 

What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy series in 2015

In keeping with Samsung’s yearly product release cycle, it is anticipated that the new Galaxy models will be announced during or close to the Mobile World Congress, held this year on 2nd - 5th March in Barcelona, Spain.

In anticipation of the release, reports have been popping up that speculate Samsung is heading in a somewhat new direction with the Samsung Galaxy S6. This includes replacing the Qualcomm processor, due to overheating issues, opting instead for Samsung’s own Exynos line. It’s highly likely that the new model will also see a camera upgrade, moving to a 20MP version with optical image stabilisation - fantastic news for those of us who love a good selfie. RAM will reportedly be given a boost, moving up to 4GB. 

In terms of design and display, rumours hint that the Galaxy 6S is moving toward a more modern look, made mostly of metal. Another major design feature set to separate the Samsung Galaxy series from the pack will be a curved edge for the Galaxy S6 Edge. It’s likely that the new smartphone will build on this standout feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, similar to the original product but featuring a curve on either side. This will allow users to more quickly access apps and panels, and scroll notifications. 

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