Is your smartphone making you stupid? 13/08/2014
Here are all stupid things you're doing with your smartphone.
Is your smartphone making you stupid?

 While there’s little doubt smartphones have made our lives easier, they’ve also made us more reliant on technology and less reliant on our brains. Some would go so far as to say they’ve made us stupid, and perhaps they have a point. Why?

1. We can’t remember phone numbers

This is the first skill we lost when smartphones entered our lives. Because phone numbers are stored in our smartphone contacts, there’s no need to dial the number or look at it again. This is fine until you lose your smartphone and realise the automatic back up hasn’t been working. Memorising numbers is an important mental exercise that we’re not doing enough of.

2. We can’t spell or read

We’re losing the ability to spell with our use of abbreviations, spell-check and auto-correct. The use of written language is important, especially for business. There are times where abbreviations are appropriate but not in a text to the boss telling him that “IMHO U shd B ROTFLMAO with the good result.” Our reading has also suffered. We’re no longer focused enough to read something for more than 30 seconds. Everything is being condensed for quick consumption, which means we’re losing the ability to concentrate on an article or book.

3. We’re less observant

How many people stride along the street with their faces buried deep in their smartphones only to run into a light pole, or worse, oncoming traffic? We’ve all seen it happen and probably tutted at their stupidity as we continue to walk along oblivious with our faces buried deep in our smartphones.

4. We don’t live in the moment

We miss so much of the world when we’re trying to capture something through the lens of our smartphone camera. We’re so busy watching the event unfold on a small retina display, we don’t really soak up the whole experience. It's silly to think a blurry video of Coldplay performing is better than watching it live with your own eyes.

5. We're losing sleep

There are plenty of things to lose sleep over in life and your smartphone isn't one of them. Sleep is important for our body and brain to function, so don't take your smartphone to bed and wake up smart.

6. We’re socially inept

Look around the cafe and how many people are using their smartphones instead of talking to the people they're sitting with? Why text, Twitter or Facebook when we can communicate face to face with real human beings? Conversational skills are being lost because we’re too distracted with what’s happening in our virtual world.

7. We get lost without GPS

We're all guilty. Enough said.

Yes, there is some merit to the stupidity point but let's face it, none of us will ever give up our smartphones. Australians might be obsessed with their smartphones but there’s no arguing they’re the best tool we’ve ever had for communication and information.

There's also an argument against stupidity in that it’s been proven that smartphones can, when used smartly, increase productivity and efficiency. Surprisingly, the simple act of taking a selfie can keep us fit

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