Sprout's brand new Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit V4.0 28/07/2014
There’s nothing worse than hearing your phone ring and being able answer it. Check out our new Bluetooth hands free car kit which can help solve your problems!
Sprout's brand new Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit V4.0

So when you’re out driving and your phone starts to ring, although you really want to get the phone out of your pocket to see who it is, you don’t because you’re fully aware of the dangers involved in doing so. Wise move buddy.

When you’re driving, your hands should only be on the steering wheel and your eyes should only be on the road. This is not only good road sense, but it’s the law! Keep reading and learn about our handsfree car kits to help you stay safe on the road. 

Bluetooth helps you keep your hands on the wheel

Although specific laws change from state to state, no matter what part of the country you’re in, one rule remains constant; it is illegal to manually operate your phone while driving and yes, this even includes when you’re stopped at traffic lights or any time you’re stationary but not parked. The law clearly states that when driving, phones must be operated entirely handsfree or not at all.

If you ever find yourself trying to talk in the car, it might be time to invest in our Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit!

Bluetooth V4.0 raises the bar

In case you’re not totally familiar with Bluetooth, it’s a wireless technology that’s been around for years and acts as an ‘invisible cable’ between two devices. Follow us so far? Now let’s talk about the significant of V4.0!

It’s the fourth version of the Bluetooth standard that introduces high speed communication with low power consumption so that Bluetooth handsfree and car kit devices for example, last longer between charges. It’s also worth mentioning that V4.0 devices will work with any device using a previous version of Bluetooth so are completely backwards compatible.

Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit

The Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit v4.0 from Sprout Accessories is a pretty amazing piece of kit that hooks up to your mobile phone and acts as a separate wireless speaker and microphone with advanced echo elimination technology and responds to your voice commands so that you can accept an incoming call with a simple ‘yes’ command or if you’d prefer to decline the call, say ‘no’.

The incoming caller’s name, if it’s in your address book, will be announced or just the number, if available, so you can screen who’s calling before answering. It has a built-in clip to hook over the sun blind when used in the car so it’s conveniently placed and not obstructing your view.

The device is powered by a built-in, rechargeable battery that takes less than two hours to fully charge via the included micro USB cable and will give you a talk time of nearly fifteen hours and up to an incredible one thousand hours standby time. It will also automatically power itself off after five minutes of being disconnected to avoid accidental discharge.

Let’s also not forget that this beauty can double up as a wireless speaker so you can stream music to it from your phone and rock out to your favourite tunes while in and out of the car. If all that isn’t enough, then how about this; two Bluetooth capable phones or devices can be connected to the car kit at the same time and share the capability. It’s a fantastic way to share a phone conversation or even play your music collections, wherever you are.

You’ll find many other great uses for this handsfree device outside the car as well. Think of all the situations where you could benefit from being handsfree on the phone. Examples might be at home, in front of the TV or when you’re in the kitchen, preparing food or maybe even if you have your hands full looking after your little one!

Sprout Accessories

Buy a Sprout Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit v4.0 today and not only keep yourself safe on the road but also make your life just that little bit more awesome.

For other great Sprout accessories, take a look at our cool range of other products, including mobile phone cases or tablet cases, chargers and cables, carrying solutions, headphones, speakers and screen protectors. We’ve got it all.

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