The real life downsides of technology no one talks about 23/04/2014
Sometimes all the technology life throws at us makes it hard. Really hard.
The real life downsides of technology no one talks about

We know how hard life can get with all the technology we have now. Seriously - we feel your pain!

The pain of having to change channels and revisit your privacy settings!

The pain of having to down-tech!

Even the pain of upgrading!

We get so excited about all this amazing technology and completely overlook the massive #techfails that go along with it!

What? Seriously? Could anything ruin your day faster than this?

Oh okay, maybe this!

Yep, we hear you. Technology isn’t all fun and games.

But hey, what can we do but upgrade to a better smartphone, trade the old tablet on a new one and relieve the tension with a few games of Angry Birds?

Unless you’re unlucky enough to be experiencing one of the worst techfails of them all. Ouch!

And doesn’t it just drive you nuts when the people who develop new technology spend all their time on better sensors, retina displays, operating systems and processor chips you don’t even really see? Guys can we pay a bit of attention to fixing the practical #techfails?!

Oh well, a least it’s not 1979 when a 250MB hard drive weighed about 250kg

Here’s one very serious #techfail a quick visit to the Sprout shop can sort out.

In fact, we can probably help with a few!

Let’s face it, we all love our technology! Well Sprout does anyway that’s why we’re here: to create mobile accessories that help you get more out of their mobile devices. Whether that’s being able to use your smartphone or tablet for all your music with the awesome sound of a Bluetooth speaker, never running out of battery thanks to a powerful portable battery pack or just making your phone or tablet last longer with cases to keep them safe.

Do you have a #techfail of massive magnitude we’ve missed? Help us build our collection of serious #techfails only this generation can truly appreciate and share it with us. We’ll make a pin and add it to our #techfails Pinterest board so when someone else is feeling the pain, they’ll know they’re not alone!

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