A Guide to Buying Earbuds 28/11/2014
Which earbuds are right for you? Learn about sound, comfort and style with Sprout’s guide to buying earbuds.
A Guide to Buying Earbuds

Need new earbuds? With all that variety on the market, shopping for earbuds can be a little bit dizzying. That's why we've created this guide, to help you choose the right type, style and quality of earbuds for you.

Earbuds vs headphones

While we sometimes use the terms interchangeably, ear buds and headphones aren't the same thing. Headphones were the first revolution in listening to portable music, made from two speakers that are fitted onto a headband. Ear buds came a little later; they are much smaller speakers that are inserted into the ear. The difference? Headphones are larger, more conspicuous and play music outside your ear. Ear buds are lighter, sometimes barely visible, and play music inside your ear. These days, both come in stylish and lightweight designs. Try both and find out which is most comfortable for you.


Sound Quality


When buying earbuds, the first thing to look at is sound quality. Some earbuds are marketed as "high quality" and you can easily find great sounding headphones at a reasonable price. Look for headphones that have deep, rich bass. This will make the sound more full (like you're in a nightclub) and less tinny (like you're listening to Nanna's 30-year-old radio). But bass is not all you're after. Look out for earbuds that cover a bigger range of sound frequencies. This will make the sound nice and clear, so you can hear the high notes, the low notes, and everything in between.

Ear Buds v2

Comfort and Style

Comfort is a very big deal when it comes to earbuds because they go right inside your ear. They'll need to be shaped ideally and fit well. You don't want to find yourself wearing uncomfortable earbuds for a 45 minute train ride with a shape that digs into your ear or constantly slips out.

Style is yet another factor. While there are different colours to choose from, there are also three different types of earbuds to consider. Aside from the standard earbuds, there are also canalphones and over-the-earphones. Canalphones are small and have an attachment on the speakers designed to fit deep into the ear. These are great if you want to block sound leakage. Over-the-earphones have an attachment that wraps around the outside of your ear, making them lock into place more securely better.

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How to choose your earbuds?

Now that you've got your head around sound, comfort and style, there are a few more things to consider. When, where and how will you be using your earbuds? If you plan to use your earbuds for long periods of time, you might choose to make comfort your priority. The type of travel you do may also influence your choice. For simple daily commute, standard earbuds are adequate, however if you want to use your earbuds during gym sessions, go for some sturdier over-the-earphones.

Finally, if you love having long chats on the phone, or like to move about while you chat, grab earbuds with inbuilt microphone and controller like our Sprout Ear Bud v2. Have private conversations without tiring out your arm and control volume with the easily accessible ergonomic controller.

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