iPhone 6 Versus iPhone 6 Plus 26/12/2014
iPhone 6 compared with the iPhone 6 Plus. Screen size, battery life and more.
iPhone 6 Versus iPhone 6 Plus

We're always excited when the new iPhone hits the shelves, and this year, we had not one, but two new phones to check out. On one hand, it's been even more fun than usual; but on the other, deciding which phone to go with hasn't been easy for every one! So let's simplify matters, and give you the run down on what makes the iPhone 6 different from the iPhone 6 Plus.

The screen

Most people know that the iPhone 6 Plus boasts a much bigger screen than its little sister. While the Plus screen measures in at 5.5 inches, the regular 6 comes with 4.7 inches. What fewer people know though, is that there's also a difference in resolution. The Plus screen is fully HD, and provides 401PPI. In contrast, the iPhone 6 gives you 1334 x 750 pixels, which, when you do the maths, is equivalent to 326PPI. The higher the PPI, the higher the overall resolution. But, the truth is, unless you look at your phone through a microscope or keep your nose really close to the screen at all times, you won't notice the difference.

Battery life

The bigger the phone, the bigger the battery. So the 6, with its 1,810 mAh battery gives your eleven hours' worth of charge, whether you're watching videos or simply browsing. The Plus, on the other hand, is fitted with a 2,915 mAh battery, which can power video for 14 hours or browsing for 12. Of course, if you’re always in need for a fully-charged phone, there’s always a mobile powerbank to save the day.

Design and weight

As you'd expect, the Plus is slightly heavier. It's 7.1 millimetres thick and weighs in at 172 grams, while the 6 is 6.8 millimetres thick and weighs in at 129 grams. As far as look goes, they offer the same range of aesthetic choices, both being available in gold, light silver and dark silver, and both being of curved aluminium in design. Don’t like any of those options? Sprout has you (and your phone) covered.

What's the same: performance, software and storage options

When it comes to performance, software and storage options, both phones are identical. They're fitted with Apple's new amazing A8 processor and run on the fabulous iOS 8, which is a big improvement on its predecessor. Storage options include 16GB, 64GB and 128GB on both phones, but you will pay slightly more for the iPhone 6 Plus.

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