What's new about the Samsung Galaxy S5? 21/03/2014
Due to be launched in just a few weeks, we compare the new Samsung Galaxy S5 with the Galaxy S4. Plus, Galaxy S5 phone cases coming soon.
What's new about the Samsung Galaxy S5?

If you’ve been hanging out for the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and wondering what exciting new smartphone wizardry you’re in for, you’re in the right place because we’re here to spill the beans on what’s new about the Samsung Galaxy S5!

If you were hoping the Galaxy S5 would look a lot different to the Galaxy S4, you might want to consider waiting for the Galaxy S6. Apart from a textured pattern on the back and a 0.1 inch increase in the screen size, it all looks much the same.

But there are some changes you’re probably going to love, and they’re all on the inside! Starting with...

The Galaxy S5 camera

Although the front camera is still 2-megapixel, the main camera is now 16-megapixels as compared to the Galaxy S4 which was only 13-megapixels so you’re looking at better quality images for sure. And with a 0.3 second autofocus, it’s super-fast as well.

If you’re a video fan, you might just go crazy over being able to record 4K video at 30 frames per second! Be prepared, however, that you need a 4K-capable television to play them at the best possible quality.

The Galaxy S5 display

So it’s the tiniest bit bigger, but the best news about the display is an image chip that automatically adjusts the colour and contrast on your screen for all kinds of different lighting – no more grey screens in bright sunlight for Galaxy S5’ers.

The Galaxy S5 sensor

Yep, owners of the new Samsung S5 will be able to unlock their phones with a touch of the home button just like the iPhone 5s owners. Phew, the password is gone. But of course there’s more!

Samsung have taken the sensor technology a step further with the ability to also use the fingerprint technology to make secure payments via mobile wallets like PayPal, Google Wallet or Isis. Plus, third party authorisations are also possible with the Software Development Kit (SDK) so this new Android is taking another step forward in replacing just about everything else you ever needed to carry, including a wallet!

When can I get the new Samsung Galaxy S5?

It’s only a few sleeps now! We’re expecting the new smartphone on the shelves on the 8th of April but you can satisfy for your urge to own it sooner by finding it the perfect phone case! Sprout’s new range of Samsung Galaxy S5 phone cases will be available from the 5th of April.  

“The Samsung Galaxy S5 phone cases are precision designed to make all the phone’s new features really easy to use so they won’t get in the way of the camera, sensor or screen adjusting functionality. Plus, there are some awesome new looks coming,” says Ben Caddy, our Brand Manager. 

We’ve been working on the new designs which offer something for everyone, whether you want a practical phone case, a super tough phone case, a fun phone case or a very professional phone case, watch this space!  

But it’s not all about new phones, for those of us who are stuck in the middle of a contract with a Samsung S4, don’t be sad! Some people are even saying the new Galaxy S5 isn’t enough of an improvement to bother with! You can still get your new phone fix with a new phone case for your S4.  

Either way, don’t miss a thing when it comes to new smartphones and new mobile accessories. To stay up to speed, drop by our website and sign up for our newsletter.

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