Are We Crazy or Is This the World's First Mobile Phone? 30/10/2013
Could this be the original mobile phone and iPod as being tested by glamorous New York women in 1922?
Are We Crazy or Is This the World's First Mobile Phone?

So here is the story of what may be the world’s first mobile phone and perhaps the original testing of an iPod theory.

A British film archivist came across a canister of film which had few notes but an epic video of early technology genius. The video footage was from 1922 and showed two well-dressed women in New York carrying a cumbersome device. In the clip they stop at a fire hydrant to wind the extensive phone cables around it and connect it to the device. To accompany this, they unfold a spider-web designed umbrella which appeared to be used as an aerial.

Once it has been set-up the ladies were shown making a mobile phone call. They began chatting with an operator who in turn played for them a gramophone record. Not only has the impressive device succeeded as a portable phone of sorts, but a wireless music player. Consider this discovery an early version of an iPod dock, an iPhone, Samsung or HTC all rolled into one.

It is amazing to think that this video was created along with the device in 1922, four years before television had even been demonstrated to the world. The video, the device and the makers are still somewhat of a mystery to the British film archivists who are searching for information from the public. In the meantime if the technology discovery is proved substantial all we can say is Apple eat your heart out. 

Check out the video of Eve's Wireless here -  An early mobile phone crossed with an early Sony Walkman! Excellent! 


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