Product of the Month - iPad Air 2 Covermate Morph 23/01/2015
Our Sprout leather tablet case the Covermate Morph is specifically designed to suit your iPad Air 2.
Product of the Month - iPad Air 2 Covermate Morph

There are two main reasons why the leather tablet case Covermate Morph, designed especially for the iPad Air 2, has been winning a huge dose of crowd love lately. First up, it's made to protect your device incredibly well, as it's made of super-strong polycarbonate. 

Secondly, it's also made of polyurethane, which is ultra-flexible. So you can use your iPad Air 2 in comfort, in the knowledge that it's being well looked after. This combination of strength and flexibility definitely makes the Covermate Morph one of the most exciting and cutting-edge products to have hit the accessories market in recent times - and they're just the start of its impressive features. 

A new fold design

The Covermate Morph is based on an interesting new design. Dubbed 'the fold', it allows you to pop your iPad Air 2 on any flat (or flattish) surface and operate hands-free, without worrying about it tumbling over. 

What's more, it also works to 'wake up' your device, and send it back to sleep, too. Simply open the Covermate Morph and your iPad Air 2 comes to life, as if by magic. Close it and you'll immediately send your device to sleep. No need to bother with on/off or shutdown switches. The 'magic' is actually a magnetic edge, which your iPad Air 2 understands. 

Slim but strong

Even though the Covermate Morph is really tough, it's not heavy at all. Test it out and you'll be surprised at just how light it is. That means that you get the benefit of a high level of protection without the hassle of added weight.

About Sprout

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