Rubber Phone Cases vs Plastic Phone Cases 28/05/2014
We put in to the ring two main types of phone covers; Plastic smartphone cases and rubber smartphone cases. Lets fight!
Rubber Phone Cases vs Plastic Phone Cases

 A smartphone can be a particularly vulnerable piece of equipment. Constantly being pulled out and used and hanging up dramatically on your partner, it is almost impossible to protect without some form of covering. Phones are also valuable because most of us store a large amount of data on our phones and so it pays to protect them in the best possible way. Any piece of equipment that is constantly used, removed from pockets, bags or brief cases, is subject to wear and tear as well as dropping or spillage. Liquid will ruin many phones, a smashed screen will make the data unreadable and dropping anything on a hard surface is not cool for the device's well-being. But protecting such a vital asset should not be so costly as to make it not worth carrying around.

How best to protect your phone?

A phone cover makes sense. These protect against the weather to a certain extent, will keep phones dry and can protect from the likes of spray or mist. Phone cases generally still allow access to input ports so you still have some use of the phone even when the cover is in place.

Here, we put in to the ring three main types of phone covers available; plastic smartphone cases, rubber smartphone cases and silicon smartphone cases. Let’s fight!

Plastic phone covers

Plastic covers wrap around your phone in a fairly non-bulky way, so that it's still light and easy fitting. Full protection is not possible but plastic will protect the phone from all but the worst of impact accidents. You can also even have hard plastic protective shell cases that will keep your phone safer than a ‘naked’ phone.

Silicon phone covers

Silicon phone covers are softer in your hand than the other types, and offer a feel and level of protection all of their own. The matte-finished silicon moulds itself around the phone like a skin but, like a skin, a silicon case cannot fully protect the phone from accidents or spillage, and will stretch over time with heavy use. Some cases even offer dual layer protection with soft silicon inner and hard plastic outer case. Silicon is also used for keyboard covers for phones that are sporting that original Blueberry look.

Rubber phone covers

At the thickest, a rubber covering offers the most comprehensive protection against both the elements and against force, but as a result of its bulkiness rubber covers add extra weight and size to your phone which you may not find desirable. However, it is durable and is available in a wide range of colour and finish options.

Or you can combine all of the above choices together with the ultra-hard-core and durable The Vault V2 iPhone case which has a hard plastic interior and a silicon/rubber compound outer for the best of both worlds.

Sprout and your smartphone

All types of phone covers are available at Sprout, we stock over 300 types of phone and tablet accessories. You are able to find all sorts of colours, materials and styles for your ideal addition for any type of phone at one of our many locations across Brisbane and Australia. 

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