Extend the battery life of your devices with a portable charger 14/04/2014
With so much reliance on mobile devices for work and play, who can afford to run out of battery? With a Powerbank 6,000mAh portable charger, you don't have to.
Extend the battery life of your devices with a portable charger

How awesome is it that every new smartphone or tablet can do so much more than the last! And developers are constantly releasing cool new apps that also let us do more with our mobile devices! We really love mobile!

But there’s trouble in mobile paradise; the more features and apps we use, the more battery power gets chewed up. For some reason technology to extend battery life isn’t keeping pace with chip technology but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay mobile longer.

Powerbank portable battery to the rescue

If you’re always hunting around for a place to charge your phone by a certain time of day, you’re going to love the Sprout Powerbank.

Powerbank is a portable battery pack with a difference – a whopping 6,000mAh capacity that can add charge to your mobile phone, tablet, PDA, MP3 Player, PSP or GPS anytime, anywhere.

Enough juice to charge your iPhone 2.5 times!

The Sprout Powerbank is the ultimate mobile accessory for anyone who is away from a fixed power point and uses their mobile device a lot. Simply charge your Powerbank overnight and head off knowing you have enough extra power to get you through the day without losing connectivity.

6,000mAh capacity means the Sprout Powerbank has enough battery power to fully charge an iPhone 2.5 times or add 68% of charge to your iPad Air. But if you’re just topping up your devices to get you through the day, your fully charged Powerbank could get you through for days on end without needing a recharge.

The ultimate portable battery charger for all devices

At just 125cm x 81cm and weighing only 173g, the Sprout Powerbank is light and compact enough to go anywhere. Two USB ports enable you to add some juice to two devices at once and the Powerbank’s capacity display means you always know precisely how much power you have to access.

The Sprout Powerbank is one of the most affordable portable battery chargers on the market and with more capacity than most it’ll keep you on the go longer. Pick up yours at the Sprout online store or selected retail outlets around Australia.

The Powerbank is just one of the innovative mobile accessories made by Sprout. You’ll find more phone chargers in the Sprout online store as well as iPhone cases, Android phone cases, iPad cases, cables, Bluetooth speakers and more at Sprout online.

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