The Mobile Web Takeover 21/11/2014
Mobile internet usage is expected to overtake desktop by 2015.
The Mobile Web Takeover

Check out this interesting infographic that highlights the decline in desktop internet, changes in mobile device use and the market.

Since the dawn of the smartphone, we've been seeing the use of mobile devices grow and grow with every year that passes. It's no surprise, considering the constant improvements to technology, increasing connection speeds, and the lowering prices of tablets and mobiles. In fact, Australians are pretty much obsessed with their smartphones, as we explored in an earlier infographic. We can barely put them down, and that's showing in how we're using the internet.

How we as consumers have changed

In the last few years, mobile internet usage has been growing exponentially, to the point that it's expected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2015. It's now common for people to shop online, check their social media accounts and check the news, all from their mobile device. In fact, social media has played a huge part in the rise of mobile internet usage, as people want to connect and engage with friends on the go.

As mobile phone statistics show, this rise in mobile device usage has clearly already had an effect on desktop usage; even two years ago, the sales of smartphone and tablets combined outstripped that of desktops and notebook PCs by a couple of hundred million. 

How mobile has changed commerce

This change in the way that people are surfing the web has also greatly affected how companies market to us as consumers. There is an ever-increasing focus on mobile commerce, with mobile-responsive websites fast becoming a necessity, and more and more companies are turning to app development to tap into this mobile market. 

Are desktops the next endangered technology?

All of this development and change is great for mobile users - but does it mean we can expect to see the end of the desktop computer? Well, it's predicted that we can see desktop sales continue to fall, making up only a fraction of overall computer sales by 2016. PC internet users are likely to tail off and decline, while mobile search expands further and further. 

However, we shouldn't pay our last respects to the humble desktop just yet. These devices still hold their merit in areas that mobile devices can't quite match, in office settings and the like. 

That being said, it's excellent news that the online world is accepting the proliferation of mobile internet usage, and is adapting accordingly. Mobile users can expect web usage to be tailored to them, equalling a smoother, more enjoyable experience. 

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