Competition Heats Up Over the Samsung Galaxy S5 05/06/2014
Daniels Case song wins him a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a case from Sprout.
Competition Heats Up Over the Samsung Galaxy S5

Everyone knows that the Samsung Galaxy S5 was one seriously hot item, but nothing could have prepared us for the reaction to our latest competition that featured the new phone as its top prize!

We asked a simple question on our Facebook page – “What Sprout case do you like the best and why?” and the response was astounding. Phone fanatics across the country let their voice be heard, and competition heated up between contestants as they submitted thoughtful, smart and sometimes funny responses.

Ultimately though there could only be one winner, the musically-gifted Daniel from Brisbane who posted this tremendous cover of George Michael’s “Faith” with the words changed to be about our range of Sprout cases. This future star in the making gets a Samsung Galaxy S5 for his efforts along with his case of choice which was the Side Flip Black case, and he’s also made a few new fans in the process. Congratulations Daniel!

If you didn’t win, or missed out on entering, don’t despair – there are more prizes on the way on the Sprout Facebook page, and the ranges of phone cases are always available on the Sprout website. You don’t have to know how to play guitar to get one, either.

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