Sprout Does Super Savings Sales 20/09/2013
Have you checked out Sprouts range of clearance products? Take a peek at our super stylish video to see the full collection.
Sprout Does Super Savings Sales  Who doesn’t love a good deal? Sprout sure does and we know you do too! 

Sprout’s clearance page of phone cases and accessories has seen a lot of interest of late as you guys look over what your hard earned dollars can get you to fancy up your mobiles and tablets. We love making creative products that enhance and protect your favourite technology devices. Sprout wants to bring you the hottest and newest products that bring you the best in lifestyle solutions.

Sprout’s collection of clearance products are still awesome phone cases and accessories that will deliver you undeniable style and safety for your mobile or tablet devices. They certainly are not rejects, they are simply great products whose stock numbers are getting smaller. Each one fits Sprout’s high standards of quality and craftsmanship which means you can grab yourself a terrific bargain by buying them.

On Sprout’s product clearance page you can find:

Brushed Aluminium Case

A sturdy and chic phone case that is built from polycarbonate and brushed stainless steel. It combines luxury with ultimate protection.

*Suitable for the iPhone 4S

Docking Station iPod and iPhone

A high-performing dock with enhanced clarity and bass which gives you an incredible listening experience. It has a LCD display, remote control, a 20W amplifier and an SD-Card slot for MP3 playback.

PU Leather Flip Battery Case

A stellar design piece with a built-in phone battery that enhances the battery life of your smart phone by two fold. It has an elegant PU leather finish in classic black to add style to your functionality.

*Suitable for the iPhone 4

Why not take a peek at this video of the full range of Sprout’s clearance products and bag yourself a bargain. 

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