What Your Smartphone Says About You: Part One 16/05/2014
In our 4 part series we look at what your Android, iPhone, HTC or Blackberry smartphone says about you. Lets kick off with Android users.
What Your Smartphone Says About You: Part One

Your smartphone is probably the device that most tells others about your personality when you're not in a home environment. Sit down in a cafe or restaurant, look around and odds are that there is someone nearby who has pulled out a smartphone and has started to use it. But what type of smartphone is it and what does it say about the person operating it?

In our 4 part series we will look at Android, iPhone, HTC and Blackberry users. So let’s kick off with Android users.

The Android user

Android phones and devices are amongst the most popular sold. Their catchy apps and their appeal to those who want to keep things simple but innovative, make them a top of the line gadget which can pretty much do anything expected of a smartphone.

What can my Android phone do?

Anything really. If a smartphone can't connect to the Internet, can't tell us where we are in a busy city or direct me to where we want to go, can't tell me when we have a new text or email and can't play games or videos, we don't want to know it. We have no use for a gadget that isn't at least as good as the trendy neighbour's one.

Touch screen?

Yes, most phones have these, but does your phone react in a personal way to your touch? Android phones were one of the first to use more than just a basic "swipe" to change screens and bring up new icons.

Can I keep in touch with what is happening in the world with a minimum of effort?

Sure. News stories are reported in a short and punchy way. They have to be because they tend to be compressed into only a few lines. If they don't attract my attention with the headline and a couple of lines of prose, we won't read them. That is, short, sharp news stories are in vogue.


Yes - plenty. That's all you need to know here!


Any good invention has issues. Flappy Bird, that most popular of games, was pulled after its creator was concerned about how it had become commercialised and too addictive. Surely an unusual reaction to a commercially used game.

Sprout and your smartphone

Sprout prides itself on its trendy phone cases and accessories and so suits the Android user. Sprout's 300 plus range of products means that the range of accessories offered suits all types of smartphones. Sprout is just as comfortable with the iPhone user as it is with Android. What you're iPhone says about you is another matter - more on that next time.

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