Mecho reviews our iPhone 6 cases 03/12/2014
The Sprout Flux and Sprout Hybrid phone cases get a rave review on independent Australian review site, Mecho.
Mecho reviews our iPhone 6 cases

Australian brand, Sprout, has released two new iPhone 6 cases that are must-haves for any iPhone 6 user. We were pleased to learn recently that Mecho, is an independent Australian-based product review site, has reviewed them! Known as the style black book, Mecho gave a great review to both the Sprout Flux and Sprout Hybrid phone cases.

Who is Mecho?

Mecho is quickly becoming the authority on all cutting edge products and designs. They review the latest products from all spaces including fashion, beauty, gadgets, lifestyle products and more. Mecho’s aim is to be a source of inspiration to men, women and children by providing accurate, independent product assessments on leading and emerging brands.

How did Sprout’s iPhone 6 phones cases rate?

As the iPhone 6 is new to the market, Mecho made the point that there aren’t many cases in the shops yet. In light of this, their review focused on a range of quality Australian products, which included Sprout’s Flux phone case and Sprout’s Hybrid phone case. In particular, they liked the functionality of the Flux phone case, which sports a stylish and versatile leather wallet case.  Mecho also loved our Hybrid phone case as its clear backing allows new iPhone 6 owners to show off their gold phones. They particularly like that it’s the slimmest case on the market!

Why the Hybrid and Flux iPhone 6 phone cases are so awesome

Both cases are designed with protection, good looks and functionality in mind. The Hybrid iPhone 6 case is impact resistant with a clear backing to show off your new iPhone. It is suitable for use with the iPhone 6 (4.7” screen) and easy to install. You get easy access to all buttons on your iPhone and the added assurance the cover is protecting the phone from scratches and from the inevitable moment when the phone slips from your grip! This cover is fun, feisty and fresh!

The Flux iPhone 6 cover takes the form of a leather case has been designed with flexibility in mind. It is Sprout's premium offering as it combines the iPhone 6 cover with a leather case. The leather case simply attaches to the wallet section via a magnetic mechanism. This design feature allows you to detach the iPhone 6 from the wallet at any time to use the phone independently. Like the Hybrid case, the Flux iPhone 6 leather case is impact resistant and fits the 4.7” screen. It is made from quality black leather giving it a stylish and sophisticated look and you can comfortably store two cards, ID and cash in the wallet section. This cover is all attitude and has a personality which says "I'm different!"

Why the Hybrid and Flux iPhone 6 phone cases are so awesome


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Sprout is an Australian, Brisbane-based company whose mobile accessories are available in over 300 retail outlets and via the online store. Buying online needn’t cost you more either, as orders over $20 come with free shipping. Sprout designs are fun, sassy and best of all, are made with the environment in mind. Whilst shopping online you can also pick up any other smart phone or tablet accessories, as we stock everything from the latest tablet and phone covers, to chargers or screen protectors.

With a 12 month warranty and a money-back guarantee (no questions asked) policy, you can’t go wrong with an iPhone 6 cover from Sprout!


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