Sprout Bluetooth Speaker - the best value wireless sound around 27/01/2014
Why spending big bucks on wireless speakers is a total waste.
Sprout Bluetooth Speaker - the best value wireless sound around

 You come home after work and all you want to do is lounge out the sofa and unleash some tunes out loud! With a bluetooth speaker already switched on, you can walk in the front gate listening to your music on a headset, then pull the jack, walk in your front door and let it play out loud through your speaker. 

The Sprout Bluetooth Speaker lets you play music from your iPhone, iPod or any compatible Bluetooth enabled device and with a 3.5mm Audio In you can connect directly to other devices too.

For a crisp, clear sound with plenty of volume at your disposal, you cannot go past a Sprout Bluetooth Speaker. Although it’s only compact, you’ll be blown away by the quality of the sound.

When we designed this speaker, we wanted to jam as many features into a relatively small space as possible. And we wanted to make sure we kept the cost down too. That’s because wireless speakers are all about convenience.

Although the sound you’ll get from your Sprout Bluetooth Desktop Speaker is pretty impressive, all wireless speakers are limited by the Bluetooth streaming process which messes with your MP3’s as they’re reconverted and recompressed.

Because of that, spending more money on your Bluetooth speakers rarely buys you better sound!

The Sprout Bluetooth Speaker is a steal at just $59.99 and comes with everything you need for great sound quality anywhere in your house, such as:

  • Connect via Bluetooth to iPod, iPhone, iPad or any compatible Bluetooth enabled device
  • One-touch bluetooth connect button
  • Crystal clear audio with loads of volume and good base
  • Lightweight and compact
  • USB 5V output charging function
  • 3.5mm Audio In for other connectivity

So if you thought you couldn’t afford a decent Bluetooth speaker, this is one time you’ll be glad you’re wrong! 

Sprout is dedicated to offering the little touches that help make our mobile devices even better. As well as Bluetooth speakers and docking stations, that’s things like Sprout phone cases for iPhone and Android (and a load of different moods), iPad cases and mobile accessories like chargers and cables. Sprout has you covered for mobile accessories for work or play.


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