What is the MP3 Experiment Eleven? 22/10/2014
For this latest mission, thousands of people pressed play simultaneously and listened to an MP3 file filled with ridiculous instructions.
What is the MP3 Experiment Eleven?

Picture 2,000 New Yorkers wandering around Brooklyn at the same time, all following secret instructions coming through their headphones.

That was MP3 Experiment Eleven.


MP3 Experiment Eleven (and the 10 before it) was designed by Improv Everywhere, a New York prank collective whose aim is to “cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places.”

So that’s why.

What happened?

Two thousand people all downloaded the same MP3 file and pressed play at the same time, in the same place – Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn.

“My name is Steve and I’ll be your omnipotent voice today,” was the first message participants heard.

And then the fun began.

First up was a game of red light/green light. Everyone rushed around, suddenly stopping dead and pausing for a minute, and then moving on when Steve said so.

Onlookers started to notice that something was up.

“Let’s show them we are friendly folk by giving them a curtsy,” Steve told everyone through their headphones.

Then the crowd was told to arrange itself into single-file rainbow lines, and “follow the leader”. To make sure it was clear something crazy was going on, leaders had to give followers crazy actions to follow.

Next every person had to pretend they were the main character in a movie Steve started to describe.

“You are secret agent Adams. Do not let anyone follow you.” Everyone slunk around like they were undercover.

Steve’s next instruction was for everyone to get out the grocery bags they’d been told to pack in their pockets, then jump in the air at the right moment to create the effect of a wave rolling through the park. Gnarly.

Then participants were told to blow up their balloons (also hidden in pocket) and play the “keep-the-balloons-in-the-air-game” which basically involved, well, keeping the balloons in the air.

The final instruction was a new one, never before attempted at an MP3 Experiment. Everyone had to unplug their device which was now playing music. The track was specifically designed to sound amazing when played by thousands of devices.

So that was MP3 Experiment Eleven. 

We can’t wait for twelve!

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