Sprout-Powered Battery Lights Up a Christmas Tree 19/12/2014
Sprout have made a name for themselves powering devices – but how about a Brussels Sprout-powered Christmas tree?
Sprout-Powered Battery Lights Up a Christmas Tree

 If you've only ever thought of Brussels sprouts as those unappealing green vegetables that your parents tried to force you to eat, we've got some good news for you. There's now an excellent excuse for pushing them aside: they can be used to power your Christmas tree lights instead!

No, this is not some kind of crazy, made-up idea. It's a thing that actually happened, about this time last year, in London. A bunch of incredibly talented designers from the Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair created a battery made of Brussels sprouts, and nothing else. By accessing the power of 1,000 vegetables, they were able to light up 100 LED lights on a 2.5 metre tall Christmas tree, and they displayed it for everyone to see on the city's South Bank.

How do you turn vegetables into battery power? 

The designers created five different power cells. Each of them carried 200 sprouts, which were attached to zinc and copper electrodes, and each could create 63 volts of power altogether. This produced enough electricity to keep the tree lit up for a month, at which point the vegetables had to be replaced. It's not only sprouts that do the trick, any kind of vegetables or fruits can be used, and the juicier, the better.

Why was the sprout-powered battery built?

The project was created as a way of promoting the Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair, which is held in London every year. To encourage young people to become interested in science and technology, the organisers cook up fun, exciting ideas and make them happen in public places, where they attract lots of attention. 

Don't have the time or know-how to make your own Brussels sprouts battery?

If you doubt that you'll be able to collect 1,000 Brussels sprouts before Christmas and/or don't have the technical genius to turn them into a battery, it's okay. If you're in need of reserve power for your tree lights, or your mobile devices, check out our range of powerbanks and in-car chargers or our handy our Christmas gift guide for gadget lovers. We know just how frustrating it is, running out of electricity when you're in the middle of things, but with a back-up charger, you never have to worry about it. 

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