The Down Low on the New iPad 5 07/10/2013
When will Apple release the new iPad 5? Sprout takes a look at the hottest iPad 5 rumours, iPad 5 news and potential iPad 5 release dates.
The Down Low on the New iPad 5

Who doesn’t love sitting down to amazing new technology gadgets on Christmas day? Many predict that the iPad 5 will be released right in time for the 2013 holiday season. Even though the date has been as yet unconfirmed and the features of it are still being hotly debated, one thing is certain: Apple will sell a shed load.

iPad 5’s Camera

Given that Techies would generally feel uncomfortable engaging the use of an iPad camera to take photos the rumour mill is rife discussing the possibility of the 5th generation iPad taking on the upgraded camera of the iPhone 5s. No one is sure at all if the camera will include the LED flash, but if the camera is upgraded it is likely to have an increased pixel count from 5MP to 8MP and enhanced aperture from iPad 4’s f2.4.

Size does matter

The new iPad 5 is reportedly slimming down in response to demand for a lighter, more-efficient and portable version. Analysts predict that not only will the new iPad slim down to dimensions of 239.2mm x 169.5mm x 7.2 mm but will shed its weight by over 30% going down to just 92 grams. One idea behind the iPad’s trimmer nature relies on either one of the LED backlight bars being eliminated in the new design or that both are made smaller and more efficient. Whatever the choice the new iPad will have increased battery life and power.

Beneath the surface

Tech analysts almost all agree that the iPad fifth generation will incorporate the new 64-bit A7 chip seen in the iPhone 5s. It is also expected to include the finger print scanner technology rendering passcodes so last season. The iPad 5 is assured to keep the retina-display screen but may be enhanced by IGZO (Indium gallium zinc oxide) display technology.

Release Rumours

So when can we get our hands on this amazing new technology? This is something that analysts cannot agree on. Looking at past release dates and generic marketing concepts for Christmas products it is more than likely the release will be well before the commencement of the Holiday season. Some predict October 22 when Apple have organised a media event. Others say that October 25 could be the lucky date. Rumours are widespread in general about the new iPad release. Everything from vibrating features to fantastical new glass components for the screen, inductive self-charging smart covers and flexible body elements have been considered by online tech experts and Apple enthusiasts. Sprout does know one thing for sure and that is anyone springing for the new iPad 5 will be in need of some serious protection for their new gadget.

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