Phew! A classic Essential iPhone case 07/04/2014
Introducing the Essentials Case - a slim-design, classic iPhone case available in four colours that takes the headache out of choosing a phone case.
Phew! A classic Essential iPhone case

Start the next term with the right apps to get the answers you need fast, help you manage your work and study and even stay in touch with your mates.

Yep, apps to help with school, TAFE and university do exist and if you’d never thought to search the app store for anything other than entertainment apps, we’ve had a look-see for you!


The iHomework app works across all your Apple devices and lets you keep track of homework, assignments, classes and tasks so you’re 100% on your academic game.

$1.99 | Apple


The Android answer to iHomework, HomeWork lets you keep track of what’s due, when. The simple interface lets you easily add homework, check timetables and see how much work you still have to do.

FREE | Android


iFormulas is an awesome app to look up commonly used formulas you might need for trigonometry, algebra, physics, chemistry, calculus and even electrical formulas. For maths and science subjects this is a super-handy tool.

FREE | Apple


Now you can study anywhere, any time with flashcards on your smartphone. StudyDroid lets you create and edit cards on your phone, plus when you sync your phone on the web, you can search a database of more than 22 million cards from ready-made packs.

FREE | Android

Flashcard Touch

If you have an iPhone, Flashcard Touch can help you learn anything you can put on a flashcard. With the ability to create picture cards, access pre-made flashcards, look up definitions online and create card sets with as many as 10,000 cards, Flashcard Touch turns your iPhone or iPad into a study machine.

$4.99 | Apple


If you’re studying languages, CueBrain is your best friend. CueBrain is a fun way to learn languages with interactive flashcards and challenges. Learn Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Czech, Dutch, French, Greek Hungarian, Irish, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish or Swedish.

$3.99 | Android | Apple puts more than 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms at your fingertips, even if you’re offline. With audio pronunciations, word origin information, voice search and much more, is an easy to use school must-have.

FREE | Android | Apple


The official Wikipedia app is like carrying a library in the palm of your hand with 20 million + articles available. With Wikipedia, you can save articles to read later, share articles, read in different languages and more.

FREE | Android | Apple

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger lets you text your Facebook mates so it’s a great, ‘lite’ way to stay in touch without going fully Facebook (and without paying for SMS).

FREE | Android | Apple | Windows Phone

WhatsApp Messenger

Avoid SMS with WhatsApp free messaging between any kind of phone. WhatsApp lets you create groups, send unlimited images, video and audio messages. With WhatsApp, you can share, connect and chat in between all that study.

$0.99 | Android | Apple | Blackberry | Windows Phone

Get your smartphone on your side with some of these great apps to study, search and stay in touch.

Sprout just loves mobile devices and all the cool things they can do. That’s why we get excited about great apps like these and creating awesome mobile accessories that help you get more out of your smartphone or tablet. Like the Sprout Powerbank portable charger which has a whopping 6000mAh of battery power that can charge an iPhone 2.5 times! And of course Sprout has you covered for awesome iPhone cases, Android cases and iPad cases. Pop into the Sprout store and take a look around.

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