Apple iPhone and iPad trade-in scheme now available in Australia 30/07/2014
Save the world and your Candy Crash game with the new Australian Apple trade-in scheme.
Apple iPhone and iPad trade-in scheme now available in Australia

If you've got an old Apple device that you want to upgrade, then now's the time. Apple have now announced that they've launched a new iPad and iPhone trade-in scheme, which means that you can now trade in your old device for credit towards a shiny new model.

Apple first launched this scheme just under a year ago in the US as a way of making it easier for Apple fans to get their hands on the brand's latest products and so that older products can be recycled, instead of just being kept in a closet somewhere.

What does the Apple trade in scheme involve?

Well, you can simply take your old Apple iPad or iPhone back to an Apple store for recycling, and receive anything up to $250 credit for a phone and $215 for an iPad, which can be spent in store on a newer model. Just bear in mind that while you'll be able to recycle your iPad Air, iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S, they aren't eligible for credit - and neither are first generation models. 

Thanks to protective iPhone cases and screen protectors, like the ones we offer here at Sprout Accessories, iPads and iPhones are lasting longer than ever. We stock a variety of protective accessories that mean that cracked screens can be a thing of the past: and with devices lasting longer, people are hanging onto them for longer too. This new scheme means that Apple can not only give their green credentials a boost, but can try and persuade people who use their products that they should upgrade - especially as they have to visit an Apple store to take advantage of the deal. 

We're still not sure what Apple are going to be doing with the devices that have been traded in, though. They haven't confirmed whether they'll be recycling trade-in parts for new models. What we do know is that the credit value depends on the condition of the model - even more reason to buy a protective case for your Apple device and keep it in perfect condition! 

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