Inductive Charging For Your Smart Phone 08/09/2013
Inductive Charging is here so why are we still plugging in our smart phones? Find out now.
Inductive Charging For Your Smart Phone

Inductive charging should be the way of the future for rechargeable gadgets. However, the conversation between manufacturers and retailer, researchers and technology, consumers and their wallets hinders the concept’s wider application.

What is Inductive Charging?

Inductive charging involves laying your phone (or gadget) down a hard surface that is wired up to a puck or wireless charging board. This charging board uses Bluetooth and wireless connections to talk with an adapter which is plugged into the wall. The technology has been around since Palm introduced it in 2009 as a premium feature of its Pre smartphone. However, the concept has been slow to take off and has barely even made it into the mainstream.

Response to Inductive Charging

Why, if you can charge your phone wirelessly and easily without the need for cords, plugs and adapters, would the technology have not made it into the wider market? Sprout wants to know, if the answer to clumsy charging exists why are we still charging our smart phones?

Apple executive Phil Schiller made his thoughts pretty clear remarking that the concept of wirelessly charging your phone is an illusion if you still have to have it connected to something which is plugged into the wall. Perhaps he is right, but there is still a heck a lot of convenience in charging your phone by simply laying it flat on a surface which is wirelessly connected to the wall plug.

Integrating Inductive Charging

For the phone manufacturers, Nokia and Samsung, who have included the technology with their smartphones they are still using it to drive retail sales for the necessary accessories to achieve wireless charging. There is a way to get your hands on the technology now, but you will pay for the right to be a guinea pig until the technology is perfected. We just hope that it is finalised before scientists find a way to charge gadgets through radio waves and microwaves hanging in the air in the next decade.

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