Australia Zoo's Crocodile Conservation Project 03/11/2013
Crocodilian research will one day hopefully enable us to live in harmony with the crocodile, find out what Australia Zoo are doing to make it happen.
Australia Zoo's Crocodile Conservation Project

Crocodiles are an amazing drawcard for the Australia Zoo and the memory of Steve Irwin working with them both on-screen and off is highly treasured. Steve Irwin’s extraordinary legacy drives the focus Australia Zoo has on Crocodilians. The Australia Zoo houses three species of Crocodilians:

  • Saltwater Crocodile
  • Freshwater Crocodile
  • American Alligator

Crocodilian Research

Steve Irwin began crocodile research in the early years of his wildlife adventures back in the early eighties. His self-taught process of capturing the animals and studying them is world-class and continues to be used by researchers. At present Australia Zoo is working in conjunction with the Wildlife Warriors and the University of Queensland to undertake pivotal research into Crocodilian conservation. The findings will hopefully enable wildlife conservationists such as Wildlife Warriors to initiate programs that will allow humans and crocodilians to live harmoniously.

Crocodilian Research Data

The data captured by the Crocodilian conservation project will help scientists understand the animals. Researchers will be able to conceive relevant protection and conservation programs for Crocodilians by gathering empirical evidence such as:

  • Tracking Crocodiles movements
  • Monitoring behaviour, location and physiology
  • Distances which they travel and their ability to return to their habitat
  • Submerging capabilities
  • Behaviour during flood events

The estimated wild population of crocodiles is around 50,000 to 100,000 and Australia Zoo wants to ensure those numbers are maintained. Through continued research they will all be able to find out more about these amazing animals and give conservation organisations evidence to deploy programs that will enable communities and crocodiles to live alongside each other in peace.

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 Learn more over at our Wildlife Warriors page.     
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