Sprout makes an Australia Zoo giraffe famous! 11/12/2013
Giraffe lovers shout out: Help us make Australia Zoos giraffe famous!
Sprout makes an Australia Zoo giraffe famous!

The tallest animal to roam the earth, we think giraffes are pretty cool! Surveying the world from a height of 5-6m, these long-lashed, gangly, crackle-print creatures are one of the most unique species on the planet!

That’s why we created the Australia Zoo Giraffe phone case in partnership Australia Zoo and the Wildlife Warriors team!

8 Cool Giraffe Facts You Probably Never Knew

  1. Every giraffe has a unique pattern – kind of like our fingerprints
  2. Giraffes necks are too short to reach the ground so they have to do the splits to drink
  3. They only need to drink every few days
  4. Giraffes have 4 stomachs
  5. The darker the spots the older the giraffe!
  6. Their legs are taller than most people
  7. A giraffe’s feet are about as big as a dinner plate
  8. Giraffes use their hooves for protection & they can kill a lion

Pretty amazing huh?!

Meet The Australia Zoo Giraffes

Forrest, Penny, Rosie and Sally are the resident adult giraffes at Australia Zoo in Beerwah. In October, the family expanded with the birth of baby Skye – the first giraffe to be born in the zoo. (Check this out for CUTE!)

The Giraffe iPhone case features Australia Zoo’s soon-to-be- famous Forrest giraffe. Love giraffes or know someone who does? Help us make Forrest famous!

Is That A Giraffe In Your Pocket?!

While your giraffe Sprout iPhone case takes extra good care of your iPhone, you’ll be taking care of endangered, sick and injured wildlife with the $10 donation from your Australia Zoo iPhone purchase case going to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

The Sprout - Australia Zoo cases are designed specifically for the iPhone 5S and 5C. With a tough IML shell, the perfect ‘clip-fit’ of these sprout phone cases keeps your phone snug and well protected without comprising the sleek iPhone design or its functions.

Protect Your Phone and the Animals

If you consider yourself a bit of a Wildlife Warrior, one of the best ways you can actually help sick, injured and endangered animals is to show you care with an Australia Zoo iPhone case. Not only will your mates see your commitment to wildlife conservation, but $10 from every Australia Zoo iPhone case sold goes directly to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors!

And if you have friends or family who appreciate animals too, it’s a great gift for them as well as the animals!

You can order your Australia Zoo giraffe mobile phone cases online.  

Sprout is doing their part in supporting this worthwhile cause and you and your mates can make a difference too… Grab a Sprout Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors iPhone 5 case today! 

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