Product of the month: Powerbank 01/05/2015
Our handy portable Powerbank recharges your mobile device anywhere, anytime. No wonder why it’s our product of the month.
Product of the month: Powerbank

Head to almost any developed city in Asia and you’ll see powerbanks, or portable charging devices, everywhere; sitting on tabletops in cafes, attached to peoples phones and tablets as they travel on the train, even on employee’s desks as they work at the office each day. In Australia, however, powerbanks are yet to gain popular momentum and enter the mainstream technology sphere, which is why we’re naming the Powerbank our product of the month

Why chose a Powerbank?

It’s pretty simple, really. The Powerbank from Sprout is a portable rapid battery charge for any USB-cable device. They are small and lightweight, only 173 grams, so easily stored in your bag or car. Featuring an inbuilt 6000mAh capacity battery, the Powerbank also comes with an easy to read display that tells you how much charge it has left. Convenient and simple to use and maintain, the Powerbank is the perfect technology accessory for people who don’t want to be caught unawares, whether for charging your phone, tablet, GPS, or mp3 player. 

What to look for when buying a Powerbank

There are a couple of tips you can keep in mind when choosing a Powerbank. Firstly, is the size convenient for you? Not just for whether it fits easily in your handbag or pocket, but whether it contains enough juice to power your items. Consider what you’ll be using it for, and how powerful you’ll need it to be. Another thing to think about is how many USB ports it offers. Will you be able to charge multiple devices? This could be important in an emergency situation. Lastly, you should always consider the reputation of the product you are buying. Do your research and be sure to purchase from a reputable vendor, such as yours truly. 

It is extremely important that you choose a Powerbank with quality batteries within.  As this is often the difference between a handful of recharges and 1,000¹s of recharges.  All of Sprout’s Powerbanks contain genuine Samsung batteries to ensure that they can be recharged without losing capacity 1,000¹s of times.

To help make your purchasing decisions easier, we have a number of articles available to guide you, including tips and tricks for choosing the best Powerbank for you, and how to choose between a standard Powerbank and the Powerbank Rapid. We offer both, so if you want faster charging power you might want to look in to the Powerbank Rapid.

Find out more about Sprout phone chargers

You can find a great range of portable chargers, including the Powerbank and the Powerbank Rapid. We’re dedicated to providing people with the very best in products, with a focus on fun, funky and environmentally-friendly technology. If you want some more advice about how to choose the best Powerbank for you, get in touch with our team.

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