How to find out how many times a day you check your smartphone 10/11/2014
People are looking at their smartphones more than ever, so how do you find out how much?
How to find out how many times a day you check your smartphone

How many times do you check your smartphone each day? Not just when it rings or vibrates but also when you’re checking the weather, sending a text, glancing at Facebook and reading the news?

The surprising answer is that smartphone users check their phones 150 times a day on average, according to a report by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ annual Internet Trends.

Is this so surprising? When you consider what we use our smartphones for, it’s not hard to see how we reach 150 checks per day. Smartphones have become our watches, newspapers, magazines, crosswords, maps and phone books. People have swapped their cameras and shopping trolleys for smartphones. They've become our default device, having all but replaced laptops and desktop computers for many tasks.

Smartphones are a big part of daily business and our lives generally. However, we need to be more aware of the time we spend checking our phones and there are a number of phone apps that can help you track this.


First up is Moment for iOS. Moment was designed to work in the background i.e. not to be opened as that would defeat the purpose. Once set up, you won’t have to open the app again and it will track your usage in the background, giving you a warning if you go over your daily limit. This app is currently being developed for Android also.

Phone Addict Free

The Phone Addict Free app for Android is another useful app that displays average daily phone usage based on historical data. It also allows you to track your usage progress.


Worth checking out is Checky for iOS and Android which records not only how many times each day you check your phone but also maps out where you’ve used it. Daily stats can also be shared with friends and if usage signals technology addiction, Checky points to another app, Calm, to help with meditation! The irony of turning to an app to manage technology addiction won't be lost on most people!

Phone Addict

Last up, have some fun with Phone Addict for iOS. This game app retrains you to use your phone on a needs versus impulse basis. The idea is that you get rewarded when you’re not using your phone. The app has 11 levels of difficulty that must be conquered to become a Phone Addict Master.

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