How to use your iPhone 6 as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot 13/10/2014
In constant need of Wi-Fi for your iPhone 6? Portable hotspots will be your savour. Find out more here.
How to use your iPhone 6 as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot

You’re out and about and need to connect to the internet urgently on your laptop or tablet. What can you do when there’s no public Wi-Fi hotspot available, leaving you sitting in the hot seat?

Apple's Hotspot to the rescue

We’ve got it covered. Did you know you can use your Apple iPhone 6 as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot? Apple iPhones and most other smartphones have a hotspot feature that enables the phone to share its mobile internet connection with other Wi-Fi enabled devices. It essentially works by sharing the data allowance from your mobile phone plan with a connected device through the Wi-Fi connection.

Personal hotspots are easy to set up and once done, you’ll never be reliant on finding a public Wi-Fi hotspot again.

Getting started with your personal hotspot

It couldn’t be easier to set up a personal hotspot and to get you started, we’ve put together a step by step guide to activating this feature on the Apple iPhone 6:

First, on your iPhone 6:

1.             Go to the home page and click on “Settings”.
2.             Click on “Personal Hotspot”.
3.             Activate the Personal Hotspot by sliding the Personal Hotspot option to ON.

When you’ve done this, you’ll see a message come up that the Personal Hotspot is now discoverable. This means the iPhone’s data can now be shared with your laptop or tablet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You’ll also see that a Wi-Fi Password has been allocated which ensures that only you (or someone you’ve shared the password with) can access the hotspot. No-one else within range will be able to gain access without the password.

Once you’ve activated the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone, the iPhone name (e.g. John Smith’s iPhone) will appear on your laptop or tablet Wi-Fi menu. Next steps are:

4.             To connect using Wi-Fi:
a.     Choose your iPhone from the Wi-Fi settings on your laptop or tablet.
b.    Enter the Wi-Fi Password allocated by your iPhone when prompted.
5.             To connect using Bluetooth:
c.     Pair your iPhone with your laptop or tablet.
d.    On your iPhone, tap “Pair” or enter the code displayed on your laptop or tablet.
e.     Connect to the iPhone.
6.             To connect using USB:
f.     Plug your iPhone into your laptop or tablet.
g.    Choose iPhone from the list of network services in your settings.

When you’re done, disconnect the hotspot by repeating steps 1, 2 and 3 above, sliding the Personal Hotspot option to OFF.

That’s it! Thanks to your iPhone 6, you don't need to worry about access to Wi-Fi again.

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