8 of the best free note-taking apps for your smartphone 31/03/2014
We take a look at some of the popular note-taking apps for smartphone and give you the demos and features to compare.
8 of the best free note-taking apps for your smartphone

There are plenty of note-taking apps available for smartphone and other mobile devices, so how do you choose one? Well they all have their own little features; from the ability to notate recorded audio (brilliant for lectures or meetings) to sorting and organising your notes by hashtags.

So we thought we’d serve up 8 of the better ones along with some quick demos so you can get a feel for the interface and the features of each without having to install and uninstall until you find the right one.

Get ready to be super-organised with one of these guys!


Available for: Android | iOS | BlackBerry | Windows

Since it was one of the first apps for note-taking, and it can be used on multiple platforms, Evernote is pretty well-known and widely used.
Features of Evernote:

  • Make notes by writing or typing

  • Store documents

  • Add photos, graphics, web pages and much more

  • Multi-platform: web, desktop, iOS, Android and Windows Phone

  • Easily searchable

  • Can share by email or Facebook


Available for: Android | iOS

If you love hashtags, Fetchnotes is for you. Fetchnotes is perfect for taking random notes and thoughts and making them sortable and organised just using hashtags.

  • Features of Fetchnotes: 

  • Use hashtags to organise organise thoughts and notes

  • Multiple hashtags can be used

  • Retrieve and sort notes using hashtags

  • Can text or SMS notes to Fetchnotes if the application is unavailable or your phone runs out of battery


Available for: Android | iOS

SomNote is a Cloud based app for recoding and saving ideas and notes that can always be recovered even if you lose your device. SomNote offers an impressive range of fonts and themes to customise and organise your notes and has a version control feature called ‘time machine’ that lets you restore earlier saved files if you mess up your notes.

Features of SomNote:

  • Organise notes in colour-coded folders

  • Password protection

  • Search on Keywords

  • ‘Time Machine’ version control

  • Recover deleted notes

  • Attach media files or documents to notes

  • Handwrite notes or drawings

  • 100MB of free cloud storage

  • Sync notes on multiple devices where SomNote is installed

Awesome Note

Available for: iOS | Galaxy Note

Awesome Note can act as a to-do list and note-taking app in one that will make you very happy if you’re a sticky note addict. Awesome Note comes pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note, otherwise, it’s only available for Apple devices.

Features of Awesome Note:

  • Can also handle tasks or a to-do list

  • Uses folders to categorise your notes

  • Colour code or use icons to organise folders

  • Add privacy to folders

  • 48 fonts available to customise your notes

  • Use images or maps in notes

  • Set alarms and reminders

  • Sync with Google Docs or Evernote account

Spring Pad

Available for: no longer available

Spring Pad lets you collect and save content from around the web using the Spring Pad clipper as well as images, barcodes or locations. Spring Pad works on the style of a note book which resembles a scrap book where you keep ideas, text, drawings, notes, clippings and other media files.

Features of Spring Pad:

  • Allows both note-taking and bookmarking

  • Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google account

  • Use notebooks rather than folders to organise your notes

  • Organise notes with tags, colours or categories

  • Protect sensitive content

  • Share and comment on notebooks in the Spring Pad community

  • Use in-built note types for products, movies, recipes and checklists to organise your notes more effectively


Available for: Android | iOS

AudioNote is a note-taking app with a big difference. It simultaneously records audio and the notes you make while the audio is recording. So if you’re in a meeting or a lecture, you can set Audio-Note to record and add little notes at critical parts of the recording which act as anchors to the audio that was recorded at the time. The downside – you’ll probably need to fork out for the premium version as you only get 5 minutes of audio free but it’s only $4.99.

Features of AudioNote:

  • Syncs audio recording and notes with timestamps

  • Jump to sections of audio by viewing the notes from that time

  • Can add images instead of text

  • Sync to notes Dropbox or iCloud

Google Keep

Available for: Android

Google Keep is another note-taking app designed more for shorter notes and ideas that need to be organised or actioned. One key difference with Google Keep and most of the other note-taking apps is the brightly coloured tile design which kind of makes your notes or tasks look a bit less daunting.

Features of Google Keep:

  • Simple interface

  • Can add an image

  • Use colour to differentiate notes

  • Tile / gallery style

  • Voice to text function available for on-the-go notes

Microsoft OneNote

Available for: Android | iOS | Windows

Microsoft OneNote is the note-taking app of choice for the Microsoft Office lovers out there. If you can’t live without word, excel and PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote lets you access many of their features for your note-taking on the go.

Features of Microsoft OneNote:

  • View Microsoft Office files

  • Edit Microsoft Office files with Office Web Apps in your phone browser

  • Use text, tables, slides, charts and many other functions from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • Sync with Skydrive to access your notes on all your devices

  • Up to 500 notes free. Unlimited version is $4.99

With the right note-taking app you can forget about ever needing a notepad and pen and keep your life super organised.

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